Saturday, February 02, 2008

Moving in a time warp

Good god, it's been a busy week.

Except on the knitting front - knitting, I seem to be doing in some alternate universe that uses up a minute every time a week passes in this universe. Oh, I suppose it's possible that if I spent a little more time (er, or any) each day knitting, progress would be visible. The trouble is that I have no very good sense of how long the days are, or if something happened "today" or "yesterday" or "an hour ago."

Ahem. Old friend is in hospital. Weasel visits today, chats with nurse about what medications the dear patient is on, precisely, and one is a tranquilizer. So OF COURSE I started talking about benzodiazepenes and chloride channels. You really can't take me anywhere.

Cocoa House was tonight - I sang with a small group, and our vocal selection was, um, not too bad. We sort of improvised some of the harmony. It was a great time - oldest child MC'ed the event again, and she's really funny and good at it and it was a hoot, and I was really proud of her. She's grown into a poised, engaging, wonderful young woman. Brava, kid.

This morning was taken up with the remains of the slumber party, which was kind of fun. Nine teenagers, all in my house, all having fun - they're a great group of kids, but, wow, it's a bit of a job keeping the food coming. I was up a bit too early for someone who (cough, cough) stayed up until 3:30 beating Medium level on Guitar Hero (cough)(hey, go me!), but it was okay. Made a bunch of pancakes, prepared strawberries, set out chocolate milk and yogurt and orange juice, and the kids had a fine brunch and behaved in a civilized manner and everything. I have cleaned up everything from the evening and morning and early afternoon.

I have lugged all the stuff I stuck in the car up to the condo (including wine! and a fresh bottle of Islay single malt!). I now have loaded some more stuff into the car: a kitchen island thing, which will go against the wall just outside the condo's minute galley kitchen and become Counter Space, of which I otherwise have this much: zero. Also there's a cabinet and drawer in which I can store pots, pans, and silverware. Still need a bed, some seating, and probably that small desk I have my eye on at Bowl & Board.

Hm... I'm starting to sound like a to do list again, aren't I? Yikes.

I seem to be attempting to corrupt everyone who comes to my house - I nudged L. enough this morning that she gave Guitar Hero a go, and nearly got S. to do it, too, but she really did have to leave. Pout. Then another teenager arrived and - yay! - played through a song on Expert, so I could see what the heck you do with your hands to get the notes in that damn fast and do you just move your hand to hit the orange key or what? Yeah, you do. Hee hee hee! Might get to play with the Yarn Harpy, as she appears to have succumbed to this new vice - not my fault, I swear.

The Day of a Weasel in February: cook, wash dishes, cook more, wash more dishes. Drive toward city. Stop at hospital & visit dear H. in ICU. Continue in to city. Unload big bunch of stuff. Carry stuff up to condo (which is on the 4th floor) (no, there isn't an elevator). Pick up kitchen thing & load into car. Notice time and heaviness of thing. Drive back to house and eat something (hey! forgot to eat before that!). Retrieve children and go to fun evening.

I will definitely be able to have brunch next weekend, yay. The new city address will simplify things a lot sometimes - also complicate things, but hey, my life gets complicated beyond all imagining anyway, whether I go do something fun or not.

Let's see - yes, I'm pretty totally incoherent, aren't I? Must be time to go to sleep. 'Night, everybody.

Oh! A joyous p.s.!
Toscanini's is open again! YAY!!!!


Blogger Carole Knits said...

9 teenagers? Are you crayzeee? No wait, don't answer that.

8:01 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Can they be trained to do dishes? (I'm still working on it.)

11:40 PM  

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