Friday, April 28, 2006


The first Friday in I don't remember how long that we didn't have to get up and race to rehearsal for Twelfth Night. Whoo hoo! The play is up and running, and doing very nicely. The last performance is Sunday afternoon, and after that, finito, until next year. So it's been a quiet day. Actually getting some homeschooling done at home (shock!), knitting, remembering to pay the mortgage, you know - that kind of day.

Thanks, Jena - and Erica (hi!) - I haven't done the dyeing yet, but will this weekend, so yup, you'll see it Wednesday in person and here in blogland sooner, like when it's drying. I'm thinking red and orange. Or maybe play with the Arctic Green flavor. Maybe all three! Oo! Sounds like a plan. And thanks also for Julie's link* (hi, Julie!).

Lynne, are you doing warm-up dyeing yet? I want to play, but also know I need to wait for my swap partner's color preferences. Maybe I'll just have to order more yarn.

I had a minor milestone today - I finished the body of Hardangervidda. Ta da! I'm determined that DH will have it to wear on holiday in England this summer (because you really do need a sweater in England in July) (no, I'm really not kidding). I want to do the sleeves at the same time on two circs and am hunting for the correct circs. It's quite maddening. I know they're here someplace. I even knew I needed another one of the smaller size and bought it. I just can't seem to find them all at the same time. One appears, then another one vanishes. I find that one, and a different one goes poof. Perhaps some bending of the space/time continuum is required.

Hm. Sounds like I've been watching Dr. Who. Busted.

I also swatched the Rowan All Seasons Cotton for the Spring Forward cardigan (you realize this is because I *could* find *that* needle size, right?)--yay! I got gauge on the first try! Had a small panic when I realized I hadn't ordered enough yarn, so I emailed Colourway again to plead for another few skeins. Such peaches, they are--of course they have some more, and they've already sent it. I'll probably have it Monday. (sound of purring weasel) So I'm doing a piece of that, too.

*I had the wrong link in here at first; it's fixed now. Sorry, all. Eek.


Blogger Lucia said...

Weasels purr? Well, of course they do. I'm signed up for the dye swap too... trying to decide whether to spin my own. Congrats on launching Twelfth Night -- I might bring Miss B tomorrow.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

I giggle whenever I read "Hardangervidda" now for two reasons. One is the "hard angry life", but the other is that now I am incapable of NOT seeing "DANGER" in the middle and I just hear that scene from Austin Powers...
"Austin... Danger?... Powers?"
"Danger is my middle name."
(I love the AP movies so much that Dave bought me all three for Christmas this year.)

I won't be at the java room this week, but I'm sure I'll catch pictures of the dyeing and the finished Sweater Of Much Danger here in blogland. :)

4:06 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Bah- you fell off my bloglines somehow but I realized it today and remedied the situation. All sorted now *whew* :)

8:49 PM  

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