Sunday, April 09, 2006

Quiet day.
Well, not a lot of knitting. An awful lot of emailing about coop stuff; it's amazing how time consuming it can be, sometimes. I'm still recovering from dealing with the taxes, too. It may also be, oh, maybe a teensy bit that I stayed up til almost 3 a.m. reading, uh, knitting blogs. Crazy Aunt Purl, for example. Geez!

At the moment I'm knitting peacefully while watching the movie Troy. DS's idea, you understand. This is fundamentally not a great movie, but there are some things I like. I like that somebody figured out wise and persuasive things for Odysseus to say. I like the visual impact of what a thousand ships would have actually looked like. I like the costumes. I like Eric Bana's performance as Hector, especially the way his relationship with his wife is written--a mature man, with a very smart woman. Characters that are actually grown-ups are thin on the ground in movies.

That's true of almost anything, isn't it? It's really difficult to convey the complexity of a fully functioning adult--there's a lot to us. Full awareness of a wide range of stuff, judgment, balance; needs a novel, really. Even then, you still just get glimpses. I started one last year, when dh was traveling and I missed him so terribly that I kept writing and writing. It's not bad. I think I'll put some more time into it and see what happens.

Oh, and the malabrigo? Still totally lovin' it. Hoo-ah.

To Jenny, who isn't Kat? Yikes!! Can't even get it right when I kinda get it right. Sorry. Not Jennifer, then. Folkcat Jenny. Got it. Thanks. No, Lucia, I haven't managed to confuse you with any other Lucia, although given the way I've been going lately, it's possible that I might later. And Erica, that chocolate is overdue. Thank goodness it's Easter, er, chocolate season.

Hope to see people Wed. at Javaroom!


Blogger Jen said...

No biggie, Liz. Common mistake. Apparently more people in my generation were named Jennifer than just Jenny. Lucky me. ;)

Explaining about my actual name has been better since I became an adult. As a child, being named for a poem called "Jenny Kissed Me" was terminally embarassing! Now I'm able to see it as sweet.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

I won't quote it at you, Jenny, but I've always loved that poem! After many, many years I have learned to smile when people (rarely these days, luckily)sing "Santa Lucia" to me, even though 1) it's the wrong pronunciation 2) I'm no saint.

I agree about the novel, Liz. I hope your writing becomes one.

I just got my first guffaw of the day -- scrolled down to see the word-verification letters. They are x, followed (I swear) by four letters of which the first is f.

6:50 AM  

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