Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm normally merely crazed, of course. Today we have gone over some sort of line. I just had this powerful, physical urge to knit up Malabrigo. I'd already done several inches of stripey sock. And I thought, hey, let's just cast on those 82 stitches we figured we'd need and get going on a nice, comfy sweater. No big deal. Just some simple stockinette. It's not like I have way too many projects going on or anything (HA) (see sidebar). We then progressed to, hmm, wonder how long it will take to knit through a skein. This is where I am so far, after about three hours of knitting.

Just because...those of you who know me a little bit will also know how powerfully addicted to caffeine I am. It's not something that normally gets in the way of my daily functioning (UNLESS THERE IS NO COFFEE). I have a need for the coffee. Or any caffeine, in a pinch. I have been known to walk to the village shop and get a daily bottle of diet coke to fill the DCR (daily caffeine requirement)--in England, they don't have the caffeine. Not like here. They have a numerical rating on the coffee packets in the supermarket that indicates strength. I need maximum, 5, just to notice there's any at all. They remove caffeine from cappucino, even, because the delicate English constitution just doesn't like the caffeine. This went over not so well when I discovered it, but I evolved the aforementioned diet coke strategy and all is now well when we go to the UK. Anyhow, one of the plants I have been nurturing for a while is a coffee plant. Yes, a coffee plant. And it has bloomed. Fellow caffeine addicts, gaze upon the small white blossoms, and rejoice.

And our black cat, Angus, got startled the other day, and his eyes did that glowy thing, and they *really glowed a lot*, so I thought I'd show you all. Not in fact flashlights; they're just his startled little eyes.

Lovely to see those of you I saw Wed. night, however briefly. My cold is getting a lot better, so I'm less grouchy. The malabrigo helps.


Blogger Lucia said...

I begin to wonder if Malabrigo might cure just about anything. It was lovely to see you too. (Back to writing my post now.)

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Erica said...

I love the coffee plant! Just think -- if the avian flu traps us in our homes for months on end, you'll be the most well-adjusted of us all, since you'll have a ready supply of caffeine.

And the Malabrigo looks like a dream - I can't wait to see more!

10:08 PM  

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