Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not according to plan.

Some days go like this. DD#2 wants to make a cake in the shape of a lamb and decorate it for Easter. This is just fine. We have a cake mold in the shape of a lamb, although I haven't used it in many years. The flat squidge you see is supposed to have risen into the top of the mold, which I have since realized was supposed to be placed in the oven as the bottom, to make a lamb's face. Also ears. Il y a rien du lamb face. Rien du ears. Rien du anything that looks lamb-like. Instead it bears a striking resemblance to Mickey Mouse's foot. DD#2 not interested in decorating a mouse foot for Easter. Rats.

Now, performance time for Twelfth Night is coming up, and I'm responsible for costume ideas and vision and design and like that (yes, I have far too much spare time) (if you have any other massively time-consuming activities to suggest, please do, I so love a challenge). So I found tights for Feste (a sort of jester character) and ordered a larger quantity recently, to have enough for the performances, now that the director has approved the purple and black diamond printed tights. They arrived. Not what we were expecting. Large-hole purple fishnets is what we got. Um, this is not going to work; somehow, they just don't say "Elizabethan" to me.

Easily mended, of course; phoned up immediately and with any luck we'll have the correct tights by Wednesday. DH went to the grocery store, and DD#2 and he are purchasing more cake mix. Cake the second will follow shortly.

In honor of the impending major holiday, my back has for some reason chosen to make some of its muscles go "sproing." This is in such a way as to cause maximum stabbing pain at the most random movements possible. Bravo, back! Quite ingeniously done. At present I cannot raise my left arm, but can raise my right. Walking is now much more exciting--who knew one used those back muscles when taking a few steps? Or that I normally turn my back in so many interesting, and now painful, ways? Best to sit quietly with some knitting. This arrived today:

It is precisely what was expected. The color is delicious. And the yarn itself is Rowan All Seasons Cotton, about which I need say no more. I love Colourway. Now I can start the Spring Forward KAL--well, after finishing up a couple of things, of course; the Bazic commission needs its collar re-knit and re-written, and I do want to finish the stripey socks and the Malabrigo (gasp) pullover first.

A Crazed Weasel Public Service Announcement: The SnB that would under normal circumstances meet on Sunday at Borders is going to be very sparsely attended this Sunday, so it's effectively cancelled. There may be one or two knitters there, and Borders is apparently going to be open, but the regular crew is for the most part going to be elsewhere. See you at Javaroom on Wed., then, hopefully much earlier than last time. Happy Easter!


Blogger Lucia said...

Sigh. Mama told you there'd be days like this. I OTOH have a design swatch just about working, or thought I did until DD, when queried as to what she thought it was, emitted a profound "ummmmmmmm..." perhaps she's taking up meditation.

5:54 PM  

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