Saturday, August 30, 2008

Insert clever title

Trying something new, here. One of the items pictured is foul beyond description. It is something like beery citrus-flavored AlkaSeltzer. Three guesses which one.

And O! Irony! As I was trying to upload this next picture, the damn thing crashed again. Behold, my spunky little laptop behaving itself for the moment:

I have not mentioned it, but I LOVED watching the US men's basketball team win their Olympic gold medal. It was a close, good game. Yes, of course I watched it live, start time 2:30 am wee hours of Sunday - I dozed off for a bit but was wide awake for most of the second half and the medal ceremony. Wicked pissah, seriously.

Must have
these. In the green and orange.
Oh, and
these. In red.
Um, and
these, too.

Um, and I ordered this to wear to my sort-of stepsister's wedding in a couple of weeks.

It is odd that I have such a thing as a sort-of stepsister. She is the daughter of the woman my dad is married to - we met a couple months before the wedding, which was, hm... 11 years ago or so, now. I see her now and then. I find it really odd to have someone who could be called any kind of sister whose last name I'm not all that sure of, and with whom I have almost zero personal history.

The Obama speech party was fun! Kind of nerdy, but also nice to see a good turnout and who-all was showing up and representing in public. Awesome speech, of course. The house will have a nice big sign soon enough - which may sound pointless, but hey, my house is on a main drag that commuters from New Hampshire use to cut over to 495, so not an utter waste. Plus it'll annoy the crap out of my hardcore Republican neighbor.

M sent this - what the first thought was on hearing McBushcain's running mate pick:

You rock, M, did I mention? Well, you do.


Blogger Lucia said...

Go wild, Imelda!

As for the Palin pick, I can only say daaaaaa... DUM da....... DUM da dum da dum da dum da dum... that, and I feel bad for Bristol.

Making wingers' heads explode is always a worthy cause. Let's see, we'll have HRC for AG, WJC for HHS, Krugman for Treasury...

10:44 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

You'll look fantastic in that dress - I think it really suits you!

4:48 PM  

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