Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grades! And taking care of things!

The refrigerator chose to stop making things cold. This is really not acceptable behavior in a refrigerator. So Monday I made a bunch of phone calls! Which I hate! I hate making phone calls! This is why I almost never call people; in case you were wondering, it's not because I don't like you or don't like talking to you, it's because I really, really hate making phone calls. I have to get into a whole steeling-myself headspace to do it.

I called the tree cutting down people, the dentist, the fridge repairman, and several different versions of whoever I'm supposed to call about health insurance. Go, me.

I now have a fridge that makes things different from room temperature.

For the first time, the school department asked for my homeschooling stuff. I sent it yesterday. It feels a little weird, but good.

Our health insurance will be via one of the options available under the Commonwealth's "you have plenty of money just buy the damn insurance" plan, and I've opted out of the COBRA coverage from dh's company - it went up to over $1,400 and I found a direct pay plan that does everything for a little over $800, so that was kind of a no-brainer.

My grades were posted this weekend, and as I figured, I got an A in the brain class and a B in biochem - woot! yay! Getting that degree done, bit by bit - it's so nice to be so far along, and a little weird to be in spitting distance of the end. Sort of scary, in fact. I mean, if I petition for a course overload I could be completely done in time for graduation in May of '09 - but Yikes! no! not ready yet! eek! A ncie option, though.

I finally have almost no lurking stuff hanging over my head that I need to deal with but haven't. Um, actually there are a couple of things. But fewer!

I'm bustling about and happy and going to an Obama speech-watching party tonight. Have a good day, all!


Blogger Lucia said...

I did kind of wonder about the calling thing. I am duly reassured.

Yay for grades!

Yay for calling and taking care of stuff! I hate making phone calls too, but generally only business-related ones, like about broken refrigerators and stuff. Calling friends is fine, but call someone to follow up on a job interview? I'd rather die. Well, not quite, but close. I get extremely freaked out by job interviews.

2:17 PM  

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