Friday, August 15, 2008

Strength & Honor

That's what oldest child and I have been saying to each other as we grind away with studying. It's meant as an echo of the Roman legions' exhortations going into battle, as seen in Gladiator.

Biochemistry. Oof.

I worked
hard. (Yes, that's where I've been, I did not fall off the edge of the earth.) So now I know the citric acid cycle pretty darn well, and am pretty good with glycolysis and gluconeogenesis, but sheesh, pyramidine and purine biosynthetic pathways? Not so much. Thank goodness the final was at least half citric acid cycle stuff. Astonishing to me that I was more or less capable of answering almost everything on the test.

Most fun biochemistry final exam question (hm... that looks odd, even to me): something about data collected on the lipid composition in the cells in the legs on Santa's reindeer. Well, I thought it was funny. Also I could answer it; apparently a few of my classmates were really thrown. A bunch of us went out after the exam and celebrated--yay! That was fun. Beer in pitchers at John Harvard's = good. (still getting used to the reality that a couple of beers is all I can handle)

Oldest is taking her final, final exam for Japanese as I write this. She had to give a presentation in Japanese as a spoken final on Wednesday, got the day off yesterday. Apparently she's the only non-asian left in the class--the others all dropped it, one by one. It's really difficult. She's also one of the youngest in the class. But she's been doing very well with it, and I'm very VERY proud of her.

So, whoo hoo! and stuff!

Demetri Martin, in his stand-up routine: "Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies."

Hellos to you all - Mel, your course sounds great! have fun!

Onward. Yes, I remember how to do that. Yes.



Blogger Lucia said...

A friend of mine claims to this day that she had to remodel her bathroom after I changed for a costume party in it, including the application of copious quantities of glitter and hair gel. (In those days they did not come mixed together in one handy package.)

Congrats to you and oldest on your various academic achievements! You know those poetic spams you get sometimes? Your musings on biochem don't sound quite like that to me, but they're on the spectrum. Grant and I had a argument about East Asian languages recently: I said I thought they would be pretty much impossible for me to learn (tones and totally different syntax and character writing), and he said just because I hadn't met a language with those characteristics didn't mean East Asian languages were that hard to learn. I think I'm going back to my original belief. Any language wherein if you change the pitch of one word ever so slightly you can find yourself saying "...and the horse you rode in on" instead of "good morning, respected madam," is not a language I care to learn.

("Te fac futuaris caballumque in quo huc equitasti" is Latin for "...and the horse you rode in on." Do not ask me how I know this, although you can probably guess.)

11:46 AM  

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