Monday, June 30, 2008

Not a plumber

We've had some plumbing issues chez Weasel. The shower has been persistently leaking for oh, years, now - it baffles actual plumbers, too, I don't feel so terrible about that. But I tried yet more things today, and... nuthin'. Still leaking. Sigh.

Of more immediate concern is the non-draining drain in the other shower. This means that we don't have a working shower. I've been showering at the apartment.

This is sub-optimal.

It was fine until the cleaning crew tried to "fix" it - it was working before they did whatever the hell they did last week, I can only imagine that some solid object fell down the pipe. Perhaps it is a small pony. I've now jammed an apparently inadequate auger down there several times, and seem to have hit the proverbial wall. On the plus side, water does now trickle slowly out of the tub. On the minus side, I think the antiquated "trap" system needs cleaning out, which my cousin's husband (who is an actual plumber) showed me, and all I need to do is get the flashlight and wedge myself sideways into the weird little space under the sink and find the damn thing and do something or other with it. This assuming that the pony stuck in the pipe is very small indeed. If it is a malicious sort, I'm probably screwed.

Guess what item's batteries are dead? Guess what size batteries I don't have?


Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, you guys - you're kind and spiffy and all kinds of cool. Yay!

I think I'll go read some more about specific brain disorders now. Cheerio.


Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

This is when my enviro-friendly self gives in to chemical solutions with names like "foaming pipe snake". ;) :-P

Good luck with your pony! I mean, a pipe snake is no match for a malicious pony. Now a half-monkey-half-pony monster, on the other hand...

10:27 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

I adore antique houses, think they have grace, style and class that cannot be duplicated, but they do tend to have various systems in them that are, well, antiquated.

(You have heard the joke, haven't you, about the couple who looked at a gorgeous old house, fell in love with it and were about to buy it until the realtor told them how much oil the antiquated furnace consumed per year? "See, honey," said the wife, "I told you we couldn't have archaic and heat it too.")

Best of luck.

11:28 AM  

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