Friday, March 09, 2007

All kinds of fun

Well, the Celtics lost spectacularly for us: 80 - 111. We spent a good part of the game wondering if they'd keep the gap within twenty. Then within thirty. As some quick math will tell you, they lost by 31 points. If this isn't a serious play for the coveted Worst in the NBA title, I don't know what is. Seriously, what kind of basketball team drives inside and then tosses out to someone at the 3-point line? repeatedly? as in, every time they manage to get through the opponent's defense? I think they must have decided the heck with the game and let's all just practice our three point shots. God's teeth.

What was Big Fun Indeed was hanging out with Carole (& Dale), Amber, and Julie, and having a good dinner in the spiffy club place (thank you again neighbor dude!). This was a good night out, hot dog or no hot dog. We knit. We gabbed. We ate and drank. Good stuff. Of course, after the game looked totally hopeless, Amber & I were knitting in the stadium, too. Didn't bother anyone; there weren't many left in the stands to be bothered. Thank you for coming out, ladies and gent - it was a pleasure.

Speaking of knitting, I have at last gotten the camera and the USB thingie and the laptop and my knitting to be in the same place! Yay! Work in progress includes the STR package's yarn and sock pattern coming along; the seemingly endless Austermann socks; and my clapotis. Some fun, huh, Bambi? (Bambi nods gamely, after having gone WHAM onto the ice with his chin) The pics are in no particular order, you will notice. This is because I am temporarily unable to deal with the gigantic string of html crap that Blogger now assigns to uploaded photos. Cutting and pasting the html is the only reliable way I have found to move photos. Alas, I cannot make out the html well enough to place the photos in a way which pleases me - I am stuck with whatever Blogger means by "left," "middle," and "right." Which tends to vary with the size of the image. Grrr.

Other major accomplishments for the week include cleaning the bathrooms; clearing all the clean clothes off my bed and discarding a bagful of things I no longer wear (for example, the leggings and oversized tops that I wore while pregnant with DD#2, who is now 12); and installing coat hooks in the back hall. The hooks in particular were a big thing for me. I had to find the drill, find all the screws that fasten the hooks, not lose the screws, try (and fail, as it happened) to find a correctly sized drill bit, and find two different kinds of screwdriver in the correct sizes. This took some while. I know as surely as I know my times tables that there exists somewhere in the house and/or barn a vast cornucopia of drill bits for different purposes, in several handy drill bit containers. Could I find this treasure? Of course not. My house eats things when it notices that I am looking for them. Then other things that I was looking for on another day pop back into existence--today's example was the disappearance of the two exacto knives and the re-appearance of the Spring Forward cardigan pattern. Ah, well. I am learning to accept the capricious bounty of the house gremlins and cope as best I can.

At any rate, the larger point (if there is one) is that I am beginning to be able to think of things, like, gee we keep tossing all the coats on the one bannister and the floor--maybe I should put the coat hooks back up! What is more amazing is that I did not completely forget this idea after it came to me. Baby steps. And just all kinds of fun.


Blogger Carole Knits said...

Baby steps are great. The other night was such fun because of the company even if the basketball was pathetic.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

We've needed additional coat hooks in the side hall for YEARS now. I am impressed by your follow-through.

I think I have cracked the Blogger picture code. I will let you in on the secret, if you like.

7:28 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

I too am impressed, being queen of "someday I should think about maybe getting control of this mess." I tend to take giant steps. Backward. The basketball game sounds fabulous -- I wish I could have been there to watch the trouncing -- and the knitting is utterly grand, and I hope to see it in the flesh, er, wool, sometime.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Erica said...

Sometimes it helps if you tell yourself that, really, the floor is just the largest shelf in the house. And I love all the knitting...that clapotis is going to be lovely.

8:29 PM  

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