Saturday, April 29, 2006

So this knitter walks into a yarn shop...
Seriously, I only went for an addi in 2.5 mm, 'cause it turns out I only have one and I need to do some honking big sleeves and dpns just aren't gonna do it for me.

And I found this:

Am I the only knitter who hasn't seen this stuff yet?? It's wonderful! It's (swoons; thud) I touched it and then something came over me. No, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I had a vague idea of something using, er, the colors I got. That's pretty much the whole story. I was giddy. I was intoxicated. I tried to buy a pattern without actually having the text of the pattern (thank you, Janet, for rescuing me; I was about to buy the divider sheet for her display book by mistake). People, I was impaired.

It has a name. Rio de la Plata. Of course a line from Evita immediately began ricocheting through my mind--I'll spare you further details, it wasn't pretty (but Ruth probably knows the one and I apologize in advance for lodging it in your head, dear)--which is not in Uruguay, but the yarn is from there. It is not called Bad Overcoat. It is called River of (the) Silver. Could be the precious metal, could be spoons and forks. I don't care. I'm mesmerized. Oooooo....(Patti Lupone's voice swells louder and crazed weasel swoons again.)

Ahem. I did remember to get the addi before my brains left me completely. And the pattern I bought was for something perfectly charming, which I will show you now as my Project Spectrum item for April:

Isn't it simply spiffing? I sat right down and made it as soon as I got home. There should be the fiddly bits inside the flower, but I'm so excited that I had to post it immediately. Design by this brilliant woman (and I hope the link is live, the text at the bottom of the pattern says the website is "coming soon"). Great fun. Yarn: stuff I had lying around, basically; the yellow is some Jamieson's in gold and the green is Cascade 220 in heathered green.

Happy April! (curtsey)


Blogger Lucia said...

Don't cry for me, orange flower,
The truth is I neeever knit you...


6:42 PM  
Anonymous Erica said...

I LOVE it. LOVE IT. I must make it. I must make many, and then perhaps the children will stop picking the few live flowers in my yard.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Oh, man, I had to read this just before I tried to go to SLEEP.

The daffy down dilly is loverly. Just loverly.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Witchypooh Lynne said...

I love the daffodil! It's a work of engineering art! LOL

Oh and thanks for enabling me on the Rio de la Plata... It's now on my list of trying to find a project that calls to us.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is your secret dyeorama buddy dropping you a note here on your blog! How can I dye some sock yarn for you when I don't know your favorite colors?? HMMMM. It didn't come across on your information sheet. Well..I am going to have to poke through your blog here and see what I find!! How about blogging about your secret sock color desires????

Your secret dyeorama dyer!! :)

1:31 AM  

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