Friday, March 28, 2008

What happens beyond the limits of boring

Beyond boring. WAY beyond boring. At least that's how it probably looks.

I'm in the middle (shhh - yes, my procrastination skillz are truly of the mad variety) of reading the research I've pulled for a Japanese history paper. So I am reading about medieval Japanese peasant taxation. Decline of various structures of administration and collection, political implications for what kinds of tax were assessed and by whom, various grievances and methods of addressing them... and to think, I was missing all this. No more! I <3 nengu! Nengu, nengu, nengu! Yeah!

Yes, I chose this topic. Yes, it seemed like a really good idea at the time. Yes, this is what it looks like when you go so far beyond the limit of boring that it collides with crazy.

Excuse me, I think I fell off the edge of sanity (thud) (waves) Hi!

As a distraction, please watch this crazy anime video. It's pretty good:


Anonymous Anna-Karin said...

molecular biology and japanese history...nice combination. Hope you'll find your way back to sanity soon :)

3:45 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

I took Japanese history in high school from surely the most boring teacher in the known universe. Never would I go there again. Best of luck.

11:28 AM  

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