Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Beer is good


The particular beer I had a while ago, not so much.

Let's elections were today! All the people who had campaign signs in my yard won! Most excellent were K. and D.'s wins - they will be good additions to their boards. Yay! So after molecular biology review session, I went and congratulated K. in person and had some wine and yakked with D. for far too long. D's sister is working for the Clinton campaign and almost literally working her ass off; I told her the question Jon Stewart had for Obama a couple weeks ago: "Are you worried that after election day, at your inauguration, Hilary will still be running?"

I'm pleased that all the primaries matter. But I hated the lead-up to the primaries, and I hate the assinine press coverage of crap nobody seriously believes matters. (end o' rant)

There's a project I really, really want to do, especially now that I'd be teaming up with two people I would so love to work with, and there's a decision happening very soon. I am excited about it. And hopeful. And stuff.

Also staring at a job posting at school: a research assistant position to help maintain and build a neuroscience lab. Gulp. Throat goes dry. It screams, hey! weasel! apply for this! I'm a bit flummoxed. Sigh.

The rat dissection last night was really cool! wow! It was fun! The specimens we had were pre-killed and vacuum sealed in plastic, rather uncomfortably like lunch meat, actually...anyhow, my dead rat had been treated with some dye so that when I cut it open, I saw a bright blue liver. And lungs. WAY cool. (Lab partner dismayed at first that we had no aprons, 'cause he was all dressed up, but there wasn't anything squirting).

A rat uterus is a long band of tissue, not a single compartment - and the bench across from me had a pregnant rat, they discovered! with bumps along the uterus that looked basically like pinkish peas in a pod. It was neat. Itty bitty rat trachea, teeny rat kidney and ureter... interesting.

And thanks, Mel - I can't spell French correctly, either, as you can see. But my accent is pretty good. Lucia, maybe see you at Javaroom, huh?

At last I feel sleepy. Good night!

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