Wednesday, April 02, 2008

And now, DANCE!

Decent video to a song that just says, "Dance! Now!" So if you find yourself rockin' out, you know why (which reminds me, I definitely need to go out dancing...). It's in Swedish; I gather it's something like "Hold Me" in English, but it's soooo much cooler when I have no idea what they're saying, oui? (apologies to Anna-Karin if you've already heard this thing so many times you want to throw up) Enjoy!

In other news, oldest is waitlisted at a couple of schools she likes; we shall re-group and think. And I'm meeting with my own degree advisor this afternoon to figure out what next, and how do I get all this stuff to work within requirements, and stuff like that. All while continuing coursework. Whee!

And now, back to reading for bio... populations and the math for the appearance of alleles, extreme fun. Yay! Rock on, dudes.


Blogger Ruth said...

I've been told by other friends with seniors that this has been a tough year college-admissions-wise. I have faith that something Perfect will work out for Oldest.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anna-Karin said...

Haha oh yes I've heard it thousands of time, your swedish is good it means just as you were thinking "hold me".if you ever decide to go from theory to practice with that jello gel thing be sure to let me know the result!

2:59 PM  

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