Monday, March 31, 2008

Beyond the limits of boring - the denouement

(Swoosh) (Score!) Ahhh...the boring, it has been achieved in superfluity. I said things like "by framing his discussion in terms of the locus of control" and stuff. It was an explosion of boringness. It was fun, actually; I cited a totally kick-ass article by Kierstead that essentially said all previous scholarship ignored reality in favor of a narrative of progress more or less informed by a Marxist view of ... oh, jesus, there I go again. Clearly I don't have the paper completely out of my system yet.

Hey! I sang Saturday! Whoo hoo! Fun! And I spent a good long while procrastinating my paper (really, I'm sure you can understand why) by playing guitar, until my fingertips felt like they might bleed. They still sort of hurt. This is a necessary thing, though; the callouses come later.

Also I made soup and baked goods.

Also I have been knitting. Oh, it's just too much; stop, weasel, stop, we can't take it, this is just too much excitement.

My lectures start back up again tonight; off to do the reading. Hi, all, and how was your weekend? and how are you?


Blogger Lorena said...

My weekend was spent working, but mostly I'm fine, and what are you doing August 4th or 5th because I'll be in Boston! I have official plane tickets and everything! Wheeeee!

10:57 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

You, procrastinate? Who knew?

10:58 AM  

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