Friday, April 11, 2008 in my head; called "In My Head"

...which is admittedly rather strange.

under the weight of your wings
you are a god and whatever I want you to be
and I wonder if truly you are
as beautiful as I believe
In my head
Your voice
You've got all that I need
and this make believe will get me through another
lonely night

under the weight of your wings
should ever we meet on your side of the stereo
I will pretend I know not of your thoughts
and even the way that they mirror my own.

(It's Anna Nalick) (not my writing, just my typing)

Breathing in and out, here. The work due this week is done and turned in, and I've done some studying, and it feels loose and pretty good. I met my sister after lecture Tuesday and we had some beer and a little food and both crashed at my place in Cambridge. It's been a bit too long since I last saw her, and our lives are so damn busy that squeezing in any time at all is, er, something of a challenge. But worth it anyhow.

My sister is awesome.

Realized today that I have two fucking labs next week. Holy crap. So, yay that I get to go to knitting Wednesday night, but... yeah, that's gonna be a lot of work. Okay, got it. I can do this. In fact, I'm doing it. (take that, universe, y'hear me? you don't scare me!)

G'night, all; hope to see some of you Wed.


Blogger Lucia said...

I trust and hope that that's a judgment on the labs, not a description of their content.

Ahem. Moving right along... yeah, I haven't seen my sister in a cat's age either. Good for you. And hope to see you Wed.

5:48 PM  

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