Friday, August 11, 2006

Peaches 'n beans (and some knitting)

You know the spam sketch from Monty Python? "Spam & chips, spam spam and spam..." - that's what I think of, except in my case it's knitting with everything.

I'm quietly very excited about my coffee plant. It now has several actual, recognizable bean things on it. There are just about enough of them to eventually make me a cup of coffee. So if armageddon is indeed right around the corner, the caffeine supply has hope of going on. This is important.

The weather is glorious today, so I dragged dh and youngest child to Nashoba Valley Winery to pick some peaches. 'Cause. The peaches are wonderful. Also the wine. Also the beer. Oo, it's t'riffic (Anna Russell voice).

The knitting today has been of the technical, boring variety in the main. I measured my latest swatch and revised a pattern that I'd written last week, wrestled the various computers in the household to a state of meek submission, at least enough to Put The Gridlines Back on the charts I'd made (o! so painstakingly!) for a completely different project and then print and then scan the printout to a jpeg image and then email that to the technical editor. See? Told ya it was boring. It even looks boring. I geek out about this stuff when At Last I Triumph, and I save all these pieces of paper where I track the stitch counts and measurements for each of the four sizes I'm writing and oh god. I may be developing a twitch.

The twitch was helped along by the relaxing (HA) knitting on the leaf cardigan, wherein I a) found the 3mm needles, hurray, b) promptly avoided centering the leaf motif across the constantly increasing round, and c) retreated to the relative safety of the body, green-on-green, and I found a mistake two rows back. Gasp. Choke. Splutter. Did I repeat it all the way along the round, fer gawdsake? Phew, no, just the one time. Tried to fix it, discovered that I had instead carefully replicated the mistake, then put it down for a while and had some wine, THEN fixed it. Here's what I do when the fair isle pattern is off one stitch a couple of rows down: drop the stitches down and reknit just them. Same amount of yarn, no need to even adjust the floats, really, just use 'em.

My thanks to Javaroom knitters for validating Wed. that yes, the green-on-green really is very hard to see on the needles. Yes, you, Jena (who totally wins hands-down on the weird family stories competition)(and yes, I'll leave some movie suggestions!), Lynne, Nicole? was that you? - thanks. Every time I take a picture of the WIP it looks sooooo not a big deal, but honestly, the light is skewed somehow by the picture and the greens in indoor light look the same. I have to be in a fairly crazed yet zen space to work on it, that's all.


Blogger Julie said...

The spice must flow. Congrats on the beans :) They look like very happy little beans.

Nashoba Valley Winery, yum! We've been there several times to and done the wine tour even. The Donelan's in Acton carries some of their wines. (Or at least they did back when I was taking Daniel for tutoring down in that neck of the woods.)

5:53 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Fairly crazed but zen... yeah, I've been there once or twice. Javaroom is one of the few things I miss up here. Do y'all suppose you could hold it at the Rangeley Inn this week?

12:01 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

Mmmmmm, peaches. I wonder if they could possibly be as good as I remember growing up in SC, but mmmmmmm.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Amanda Cathleen said...

Hey you! Its your PS postcard pal : )
yay for your coffee beans! mmm, peaches.. darn it I'm hungry again!
Must have been all the shopping I did today, but just looking at all your sketches and swatches just boggle my mind!

7:53 PM  
Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

Cooooooffeeeeeee... :)

See, my family stories are weird, but to me, they don't seem that way until I start saying things out loud and I realize how crazy it all sounds.

I've been thinking of touring the winery. I love apple wine, so that might be a nice fall day trip for Dave and me to take.

4:25 PM  

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