Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hello again

My goodness, how time flies when you're running back to back twenty hour disk repairs.

The hard drive on my beloved Powerbook is well and truly hosed. The web browser and internet connectivity still works, though, so I'm a lot less grumpy about it than I would be otherwise. DH, being the computer guru that he is, suggested we buy an external drive, back up everything, and replace the internal drive. So I'm the proud and pleased mom of this (it's very cute, isn't it?):

Other news of the week: The extra fabric from the re-do of our chairs is at last here! I'm surprised by how much of it there is. I think a couple of pillows, don't you? any other suggestions? There's a lot. Maybe a panel of the paisley-ish thing? I do have a spare freestanding screen that is currently sporting fabric panels out of muslin; maybe replace that with some of this? Or is that too much?

On the knitting front, I still haven't frogged the messed up sleeves on DH's Dale. I've made good progress on the leaf cardi. The dye-o-rama sock is alas too short; some overly enthusiastic toe decreases happened, um, somehow. Nifty news was that CE called and wanted me to come in and help with some designs. I didn't submit anything, mind you; I'm trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing a bit more, you may recall. But I went in and had a very nice meeting on Tuesday and we came up with some ideas that they kinda liked. So I'm swatching and procrastinating doing some schematics, again, like I do.

It's a good thing. whee!

DD#2 is off for three weeks of summer sleep-away program today. She's so excited! really! this! is! just! so! great! and! goingtobesomuchfunohmygosh!

The homeschooling coop activity this week has been irritating in a way that necessitated me sending a terse email to someone to BACK OFF. I have noticed that when a person who isn't actually my boss tries to order me around, I get white-hot angry, pretty much every time. This has happened once or twice before; back when I was chair of the fincom, the school committee chair would try it on me once in a while. Incendiary results. Not good. I was thinking yesterday, when have I been pissed off in this precise way before? And it hit me: oh, yeah! it's when somebody who has no authority tries to assert it! oh, yeah! The snarling, sharp-toothed variety of crazed weasel is now resting back in her lair.


Blogger Lucia said...

I've never seen you really pissed off (as opposed to mildly annoyed) and don't think I want to. Sounds like the snarly one isn't keeping the creative juices from bubbling, though.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Witchypooh Lynne said...

Am I reading this right, are you down 2 kids for a week or two?!

I dumped (er dropped) my kid off this past weekend... I only wish it was for 3 full weeks.

See you on Wednesday.

Oh I think you should use the fabric for the screen. That would be gorgeous and not too much.

3:52 PM  

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