Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Bastille Day! Also knitting. Again with the knitting.

I still haven't been able to bring myself to frog the sleeve bits on dh's Dale. It's just too maddening. What I have been able to do is cast on the sleeves for the leaf cardigan, and also work a bit more on it, and I noticed the other day that Hey! I am almost done with the body! This comes as a surprise. I'd on some level resigned myself to this project just continuing without end until the last syllable of recorded time, lighting fools the way to dusty...WIPs.

The photo of the finished piece from the pattern is there, and the teeny beginning of the sleeves (at the same time, on two circs. To do otherwise will make me berserk. More so than usual.) It finally dawned on me that I only have the band of leaves that I'm working on and one more to go before the body is done. Whoo hoo! The down side is that the last band is green-on-green. The last time I did this, I needed bright daylight to be able to tell one green from another. It was alarming. But that was months ago, so I should be fine this time. Just fine. Really.

The decorating project is approaching completion asymptotically. If your math is rusty, this means "infinitely curving toward, but never actually reaching, the asymptote line." We do have some lovely stained glass shutters, nice enough that I will show them to you:

Very pretty. They open and shut. There are a lot of them. They don't have handles, but that is a problem that I will address without the decorator's help, thank you very much. No doubt she would locate bejeweled $700 handles. I am certain these do not exist, but she would find a way. (Ask me about the $4,000 ottomans that we nipped in the bud. No, on second thought, don't ask me.)

My main new thing is that as of yesterday, my knees no longer hurt when I bend them. They have hurt for two years. They'd been painful, then I started exercising & they got better, then I stopped, then - pain. I've been doing a bit of exercise for several weeks now, and suddenly, yesterday morning, when I got out of bed it didn't hurt. It continued to not hurt all day long. It still doesn't hurt. I am giddy with delight. This makes knitting a lot more pleasant.

Thanks for your comments, Kat and sep. From Waiting for Godot: "What do you do when you fall far from help?" --"We wait until we can get up again. Then we go on. On!"

We'll just go on as best we can.

Happy day of overthrowing the monarchy, France! Happy summer, everybody!


Anonymous Kat with a K said...

Yay for knees not hurting and pretty stained glass shutters! And I LOVE that sweater. LOVE. I get all excited whenever you show it.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

What Kat said. I want a viewing (of the shutters, that is, since I've seen the sweater, not that seeing it has reduced the awe factor any).

Yes, we go on. The far-right religious wacko contingent is convinced that the latest nastiness means Jesus will be back any minute now. Sometimes I almost wish it were so.

5:42 PM  

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