Monday, July 27, 2009


Facebook has been fun for the last.. oh, who knows, couple of months? But I'm pretty long-winded, which doesn't work so well as a status post.

So I'm reading a lot this summer, now that I have a good chunk of time where I'm not taking a class, no not even one. I'm doing an internship at the Museum of Science, which is every bit as cool as you think it might be, plus I keep using every damn bit of biology I've ever learned. One day, I explained a pulse oximeter in Spanish. See, just when I think I'm all boned up, I find that I need to go learn science terminology in Spanish. And my professors start showing up on the documents that I'm working with doing my museum job. The world, she is shrinking, in a good way.

I've been approved for Special Student status at Harvard for the coming year! This took a seriously long time to come through, and I despaired, but it turns out that I will, indeed, be able to take more neurobiology and associated wonderful things that feel to me like a large dollop of chocolate truffle, only for the expansion of my mind rather than, y'know, for the expansion of my butt. I am very pleased about this indeed.

The books are getting out of hand. Just a bit. I'm nearly done with Julie & Julia, which has been sitting on the bookshelf for who-knows-how-long. I'm in the beginning of American Wife. Also Atonement. Also Godless.

I think I'm resting up for the coming year, which will bring orgo in addition to the lovely fun of advanced neuroscience. I spend far too much time playing Scramble on Facebook (and holy crap, how on earth did Lucia get her high score of 400+?? I bow in deference).

The stock market is recovering, some, which is a relief. I need to get the roof fixed, dammit - I noticed that the water stain from this winter? Apparently has been getting refreshed by the rain. It is a different shape, and damp. This is not a good thing. The raspberry canes in the back yard have turned into a bona fide productive patch, despite (because?) being totally ignored for several years. So I picked a quart of berries yesterday.

I'm trying to exercise on purpose. This means that if I run because I'm late for something, it doesn't count. I actually put on sneakers and ran (and walked) this morning.

I went to see The Hurt Locker last night. I think it's a pretty good movie, but I'm going to have to try again another day because I became suddenly, inexplicably, violently ill fairly early in the film, and after dashing out to puke for the third time, the universe was clearly telling me to go home. So I did. Youngest child had something very similar earlier in the week. Quite weird. I've been vomit-free all day (huzzah!) and feeling okay.

I've taken to making yogurt. Made another batch this morning. This feels so absurdly pioneer-ish, but it is fun and easy (and cheap!) and appears to be not something a profoundly lazy person would do in a million years, but hey, go figure. Instructions came my way via a friend named Beth, who posted a NYTimes link on FB (here's the Times article--have fun!)

Oh, yes, some knitting has begun to take place again, which is nice. I miss having new socks that feel all cozy. Better cast on second sock in that Regia Silk...

Wistful. Happy, mostly. Almost ready to start being totally absorbed again, and also not just yet. The orgo book will arrive soon from Amazon, and I'll start with it then. I've been feeling sad in a late-grief-echo sort of way; I notice myself mentioning dh a lot lately. Getting used to how it feels to do that, I think. Now and then I feel flummoxed and mildly guilty about the gravesite, and not having figured out what to plant there yet. The kids are in a different stage, too, mostly relaxing and doing well, letting go enough to talk.

Upcoming project: Romeo and Ethel the Pirate's Daughter is a go for this fall, hee hee hee. Writing it, then production. Yay! Silliness is good.

Good night.


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Just bear in mind that whenever you start speaking neurogeek? It bounces right off my brain and dribbles embarrassingly down my neck.

No classes at all? There's this knitting group that might interest you... several, actually...

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