Saturday, January 24, 2009

BSG, and math, and consoling myself

Have now watched the re-play of Battlestar Galactica so I could see the part I missed - ahh! Such fun. Interesting ideas to play with and fine acting and a rollicking good time had by all.

Have been in shock over crappy grade on one of my finals, but I've now done the math and I should still come out okay for the semester. I finally got around to checking how I did in the general chem course at UMass Lowell, and I got an A, huzzah huzzah. Not a shock, but still good to know. By the time the final rolled around for that one, I was in good shape on all the major calculations and molecular structures, too; as I leaf through the Harvard textbook, I may even be ahead.

Looking forward to new courses, and sad that the other ones are over with. Last night I ran into a fun classmate/labmate from bio who's in chem, too, so that's cool--we formed part of The Cool Lab Bench (snort)(= dorky cool, that's why, cough cough). Will see if classmate from UML turns up - that'd be pretty nifty (me & K, we who fume when we get *anything wrong*, heh). And maybe I'll see some classmates from neurodegen, too--one might do cell biology, since it's really expected for PhD programs and probably would be a good idea for med school prep, too.

So despite cutting down to only three classes, it looks like I'll have a huge amount of time at Harvard this term, even more than the fall, which is twisted and frustrating. In fact I'm pretty sure all my stuff is going to be in the Science Center. Hey, the Science Center has everything you need: workspaces, discreet buckets of chalk, a cafe, vending machines, labs, bathrooms, computers, library, and probably all my classes, again.

Cue biolins, I mean violins. (groan) How Does She Do It? (And without drugs! amazing!) Happy sigh - it's fun.

This was first week for the spring at the coop. I may manage a bit more organization with my random science this time. This week, I made a powerpoint presentation and everything. It is a fun toy! I found a background that's an electrophoresis gel! I now carry my laptop's adaptor plugs with me everywhere, just so I can project onto walls when the mood strikes. 'Cause that's how I roll.

Silly and tired, now. Take care, all.


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