Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Potions Master Will See You Now

Hi! I had an epiphany over the weekend about coursework and realized that if I take chemistry at Local State U (in addition to the 4 I'm already taking at Harv. Ext.), I will then be able to do the second semester of chem at HES. Which would get me ready to take orgo next year. Yes, I want to. It's amazingly good, that's why. And I could do an awesome neuroscience summer program instead of spending the summer taking chemistry. Yay!

So I spent most of yesterday morning getting signed up and parking decal-ed and poking the bureaucracy until it gave me what I wanted. Lecture 1 was last night (eh). And my first lab was this morning.

I have Snape for Potions. Really. First thing out of his mouth: a bellowed "Three of you are in violation of federal law!" Made those freshmen jump out of their skins, I can tell you. They had visible water bottles present in lab.

Since I am Snape, myself, I am fine with this--"if your cell phone rings you will be asked to leave and get a zero for the lab," the other arbitrary rules - it makes me laugh. It is going to be an interesting semester. Mwahaha.

How's the start of the school year going for you folks?



Blogger Lucia said...

Let's see... I was the only one in my family who solved Miss B's math/logic puzzle without a hint (you may wish to visit my "back to school" post: there's yarn involved), which gave me a huge boost since I am the math-impaired one. Of course Zana solved it in 0.43 second without seeing it written down, but hey, at least I did it. Yesterday I overslept and had to drive Taz to school. Miss B seems to be adjusting well to junior high so far. She forgot her flute this morning and I took it to school for her, but apart from that, she's been quite on top of things, even getting herself up and out yesterday morning with no assistance whatever. I've told her in future if it gets to be 6:30 and I'm still not up, for heaven's sake wake me.

About orgo, you have seen Good Will Hunting, right? Rather you than me.

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