Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bear and cat, and another cat

DD#2's largest bear is graciously wearing the shawl. It really is just about big enough to be useful! I'm pretty happy with it. And I only stepped on a pin once.

The cat is hiding her face under the edge of the shawl. That way we can't see her, right? Of course right.

A cat story: DS and I went to the supermarket yesterday while it was about a bazillion degrees out, partly because we needed... oh, some chocolate milk, and maybe some hamburger buns. Mainly it was to get OUT of the bazillion degrees and IN to the 60 or so inside the store. We're walking by the shopping carts. DS says, hey, kitty! I'm thinking, yeah yeah, the animal shelter drop-off bin has pictures of kitties, yeah yeah. He goes, no a REAL one. Stop. In. Tracks. Lo, the most miserable fluffy calico cat I've seen in twenty years is outside, panting and leaning against the exit door's metal base. The poor thing looked very, very bad. And it was a bazillion degrees. And she had this really long fluffy fur. I told the nearest teenaged checkout guy. He's like, a cat? Yeah, a cat. Right there. OH; GEE. So I told the customer service lady and ask if I can get a plastic container and give the cat some water. By the time we're back with the water, teenage checkout guy is trying to find us. "Somebody went out that door and the cat ran inside! It's somewhere in the store!"

Well, now. A few hours inside the cool store is exactly what this cat needs. I phoned the cat shelter that has the drop-off bin and left a message describing the situation. Later that evening, a couple of volunteers went up, persuaded the manager on duty that yes, there was so a cat in the store, and no they weren't wacko. We looked! No cat! he said. Did you look here? they said. Did you look here? they said. The cat was in the second place they looked. See? Cat. Oh. Cat. Yeah. They got her and she really is a persian, and she's probably alive because she got into the cool and because some really knowledgeable volunteers knew what to do. One of those volunteers called me today to tell me what happened. Yay, Kitty Angels.


Blogger Julie said...

Ah the Kitty Angels folks are good people- they were the source for my also very fluffy long haired Gabby of the blog as well as the nearly invisible Winnie of the blog. Glad to hear store kitty was rescued by them- they'll keep her safe until she's found a good home. The shawl looks fab, there is hope that it'll cool down enough for such to be wearable again someday :)

8:58 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

OMG. Was this at the ridiculously large store roughly equidistant from our houses? I would imagine a cat could get lost in there for quite a while. Yay Kitty Angels!

(Cat under the shawl? What cat?)

8:58 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Kitty Angels rock. Were they able to find out where the Persian belonged? His/her people must have been frantic.

11:02 AM  

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