Monday, April 10, 2006

One down.
Crazed Weasel knit through an entire skein (in an only moderately crazed weasel fashion, really) and is amazed. This is how far it goes - size 8 US, 82 sts, and I got about 16 inches out of it. Sheesh! Looks like a plain stockinette pullover would only take about five skeins or so. This is Way Cool. The 82 sts make it almost exactly 18 inches across (it's curling under a lot in the picture). When I finish this sweater, I may never take it off; it feels amazing.

Not that I've been wearing the piece of knitting or anything. Well, not out of the house.

Swoon. *thud*

Damn, that keeps happening with the malabrigo. Did you notice that WEBS is now carrying it? Discountable? Uh-huh.

Is it me, or is the Almanac-a-long sort of, well, not so much at the moment? I know March was a total bust for me. Project Spectrum was fine, owing to the huge amount of pink/red colors that were flooding over the transom, including a commission. I thought April - yellow? orange? - would be a bad scene, but it turns out I have some stunning Colinette things ripening in the stash that will Do Very Nicely Indeed. As for the Spring Forward KAL--I've gotten as far as ordering Rowan All Seasons Cotton in color cinnamon for it (yes, I order it from the UK, Colourway, if you wonder) (and if you look at the prices, you'll see why). And I have the pattern. C'est tout.

Now that I've gotten over my cold, mostly, the two girls have it. DD#2 even barfed onto her dinner plate, which was very exciting. I've been drinking herbal tea and urging it on them, too - this stuff, which helps a little. The mommy sensors are on overdrive. I hear a child coughing in the middle of the night and it wakes me up. There she goes again. Poor thing.


Blogger Lucia said...

Last holiday season I had the pleasure of barfing during Christmas dinner, but fortunately not at the table. That must have been exciting indeed, for suitable definitions of exciting.

People keep pointing out yarn sources to me (well, in your case not only to me, but where I can see, anyway). You are all evil.

6:40 AM  

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