Thursday, April 13, 2006

Better late than never?
I did manage to get to the last half hour of knitting at Javaroom last night - which was so nice! I really like these people! And it's occuring to me that last night was probably the only KWO (Knitting With Others) that's gonna happen this week. Poo. Not enough time, ever.

So Easter on Sunday. Easter at my mom's. Strung out children on too much sugar, not enough sleep, waiting for a lunch/dinner of lamb and asparagus that they probably won't eat. We have been known to go to the McDonald's drive-through on our way home from this sort of thing. They're getting better, but these are not adventurous eaters, my kids. If it involves a potato, we're usually okay, but anything else is a real crapshoot. I'm looking forward to seeing my exotic sister and my more regular sister. But it's not what one would call restful. I'd have it here, except we still have no chairs. I am more sick of this than I can possibly put into words.

The malabrigo pullover proceedeth apace. Behold:
Yes, it's long. Yes, I'm just about ready to bind off this piece. I love this yarn I love this yarn I love this yarn. It's going to be a relatively close-fitting (for me) pullover that's tunic length, to cover up the Issue I Have with Pants Nowadays. I have managed to find pants that fit me recently--two pairs! wow!--but they are of the "plumber butt" variety that is now unavoidable from any source, as near as I can tell. So this will be nice and long to cover up the plumber butt thing. There's some progress on the stripey socks, too, but it's too pitiful to show you.

Kat-with-a-K, hi! and sorry about the zillion comments, it's been a while since I checked your blog. I have yet to figure out how to work bloglines correctly, so what I do by default is check out Ruth's page, click on a bunch of *her* blogroll 'cause they're good ones, then try to remember what else I wanted to look at that sometimes I have bookmarked but sadly many times do not. This is where my confusion over Kats and Jenny's and Jennifers becomes really debilitating. I do really want to catch up with Lynne and geekpixie, too--hopefully after I've done the soccer snack schedule I can do that. (hi, you guys!)

Late to knitting, late chairs, late to figure out yet another very basic aspect of working my blog - hey, there was a theme to this after all. Go figure.


Blogger Lucia said...

I OTOH could not go to Javaroom last night because I felt morally obligated to go to a PTSO meeting instead. (The S is for students, but none ever comes to a meeting, which just proves they're smarter than their parents.) I will spare you even a brief description of the budget discussion and simply say you definitely got the better end of the deal.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

I got to touch malabrigo last night and it is really yummy. I am definitely going to have to figure out a project that would require some of this.

Ah yes, kids on sugar holidays are just too much fun, until they start to come down. There has to be a way of getting out of going to the Grandparents, short of doing what my sister did - leave town for the Turk Caicos Islands. I hate her.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Amber said...

No interweave for me! Boohoo! I am going to submit my patterns to soho though, we'll see if they bite!


9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try Talbots for pants - they are getting a little higher again - yeah! On the other hand, if you wear the fishnets no one will notice how low your pants are...

5:12 PM  

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