Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Perhaps I'm beginning to wig out...

So I'm working chem problems this morning, trying to get to full mastery and total domination so that I can score brilliantly on the test Thursday.

And I'm having trouble calculating K for a reaction. I've already correctly calculated the standard free energy change, which is -29.03 kJ/mol - that's no problem. But I'm trying to use the equation where the -29.03 kJ/mol = -RTlnK. And I look at the answer key, and it says I should be getting 1.2 x 10 to the fifth. I am getting 122638.9559.

Argh! I say, argh!! why am I not getting... oh, wait. 1.2 x 10(5) IS 122658.9559. I am simply failing to understand numbers this morning.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!

A very happy song for you:

Go on, dance.

Have a great day, everybody!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Back on yer heads


Back in classes, back to working my butt off. Honestly, that butt ought to be nonexistent by now. Check it out: (I'm procrastinating again of course) This week, I had final draft of paper due for bio this past Tuesday, exam in chem last night, bio GRE in the morning at oh-fuck-o'clock, exam in cognition coming Wed., plus more draft material due, problem sets due, and in between I'm supposed to be researching who's doing neuroscience work I'm interested in and where are they and should I be applying to those labs.

Oh, and I'm looking for summer internships in labs or other related-to-my-goals places. Have sent in a couple resumes at biotech firms in Cambridge, and one to the Museum of Science (which happens to have one in cognitive psych, go figure). So if you're in a position to point me toward something, by all means, point :)

Ok, better go googlemap the directions to the place where the thing is in the morning now. Then run through some more material, set the coffeemaker to have steaming fresh Elixir of Life ready, double check alarm clock, and Get Some Goddamn Sleep For Once.

Except I kind of want to work my chem problems instead. Sigh.