Monday, December 13, 2010

Crazed Weasel ... Quarterly

Not drawn and quartered, either.

Yes, I should be studying for quals. Or sleeping. Or something. But I'm not.

A lot continues to happen, and the time stretches and bends. It feels like the semester just started, and like I've been doing this forever. I can barely remember what it felt like to know nothing about how to work the electrophysiology rig I use. It seems flat out impossible that barely 4 months have passed since D & I started this thing we're in, and beyond weird to think that I first met H about a year ago. The work has felt like one long week, or two at most. I love it, and it's wonderful, but I really am looking forward to post-exams (hopefully I'll have done well enough that I don't have to re-take anything). The relationships have their own textures, and yes, I am stretched rather thin, which I knew would be the case. But one cannot know how one will feel until the time passes and here we are.

So here we are. Life is still out of balance, but getting ever so slightly better. I think. I hope. I have a potential theatre project percolating in my head; I have also submitted my NSF (National Science Foundation) (and if I get the grant, I will probably get a tattoo of their logo) grant proposal - that project is also pretty nifty, and there's another project I should be starting the real work on quite soon. I still marvel at being able to do stuff. It amazes me, after all the controls and rigidly structured lab courses and jumping through endless hoops to get into grad school, that now I can just... do stuff.

Went to Cincinnati. Went to San Diego. Am not going anyplace this winter. Want to escape at some point, though, and don't think I've built in the time to do it.

Road trip to WEBS in order, methinks; even if no one actually buys any yarn, this would still be a good thing.

Warm dry thoughts to all. Back to my endless pile of journal articles and book chapters and attempting however futilely to connect everything in my head.


Blogger fiberholic said...

well, if you ever feel like a trip to webs, count me in!

4:40 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Me too. Even though I am very late catching up on blogs and you probably went ages ago. (SPA, anyone?)

12:40 PM  

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