Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break

It's spring break according to Harvard's academic calendar. This means I have time to get caught up on work! Whoo hoo! Chem problems to prepare for the next (of three total) exam, which is right after break, and I also have the Biology GRE Subject Test to study for. Which I sort of forgot about, and lo, it's coming up.

The concession to anything like a vacation is that I've been to the movies, and seen some friends. Also I think I can actually go to knitting tonight.

Movies: Watchmen, and Taken. Watchmen was about an hour too long, and although had lots of references to stuff I remember from growing up (plus some good songs - the Hendrix "All Along the Watchtower" is clearly following me this week), really kinda sucked. The porn scenes didn't help. Tiresome, expensive crap - it really looked like three separate special effects studios made a whole bunch of random stuff, and they glued it all into one movie that didn't end up making much sense. Yes, very pretty gratuitous crystal castle on Mars, but completely pointless; also rather nice shade of blue for the Naked Blue Electric Guy, but honestly, enough already--once our curiosity is satisfied ONCE as to whether or not his John Thomas is also blue and electric, repeat appearances just get boring. Sigh. And the rape scene and general misogyny - yech. The actor playing Rorschach did some fun things vocally; that performance was reasonably fun to watch, in between the buckets of blood. Oh, did I mention the buckets o' blood? There are. Tiresome.

Taken was about an hour and a half, fast-paced, good action movie - it's fun watching bad guys get theirs. Up to a point. A few explosions, some strikingly non-explicit scenes (especially considering we descend into a world of white slavery and prostitution), and Liam Neeson being all kick-ass - good fun, of an R-rated nature.

Have a good day, all!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Um, happy March!

Feb. 2? Wow.

HI!! It doesn't feel like I've been offline--what I've been is sucked into the Facebook vortex, is what's happened. Feel free to give me a shout over there if you haven't already; I will send you a virtual drink and everything.

The new semester has started, chem is not wrestled into submission yet but I'll get there, I swear, as god is my witness. Cognition exam on Wed., Cell biology paper draft due tomorrow, all is reasonably under control and good and stuff.

I have booked cat sitter, kennel for the dog, ride to airport, and now, purchased appropriate garments and shoes for my children to wear to my cousin's wedding. Which is in Atlanta. Oh, and I now have a dress for the rehearsal dinner, too. We are excited, a bit in a tizzy, and hoping rather fervently that weather does not screw this particular pooch.

My application for Special Student status is totally done, in, and now I just wait until the GSAS tells me something. My professors were astonishingly kind and supportive and helpful, and I'm grateful. The dean was very nice and helpful, too. Gee!

Um, also I met a cute guy. Hm. Maybe I'm interested in that whole "dating" thing, after weird. Sort of yes, sort of no--argh.

Good night...or morning, all.