Saturday, November 10, 2007

Obligatory brain post

This is so damn cool you have to take a look: "Brainbows."

Isn't science lovely?

In other news... apparently Thanksgiving is - OMG! holy crap! in a week and a half! Battle stations! Mayday! Mostly I'm tickled that my cousin will be coming up. I'll have lab, and a paper due, both on the Monday before, but in the meantime I have some rather mystifying time off. Of course since I'll have some spare time, I'm trying to schedule more CLEP exams for next week - Harvard Extension will take two more. I sat down and figured out how fast I can finish if I go flat out all next year, and basically if I get the neuro summer program I want and do an extra course next semester, I could be all done after fall 2009. Nice!

I asked, and Harvard has kindly scheduled my classmates and I for some Official Space to meet and study. I keep finding that the institution is quite happy to be helpful, if poked in a suitable spot. Go figure. I do suspect the request was on the geeky side: "Please, sir, can we have an assigned space to study and do problem sets on Sunday afternoons, oh please please?"

G'night, all--off to more excitement. Hope yours is all wonderful.


Anonymous Suzanne said...

I gather I won't be seeing you tomorrow. True?

7:19 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

That's totally wild. What exactly is a transgenic mouse, anyway? (Yeah, I know, I could look it up. Tell me just the same. You know you want to.)

We're likely to have a very quiet Thanksgiving this year, which iyam is just what the doctor ordered.

11:11 AM  
Blogger berlinBat said...

That's so cool! As the paper came out in Nature the whole of our lab (of theoreticians) was just reading and gasping "just How do they do that?!" :P

11:38 AM  

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