Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, now. The midterm was... um... pretty difficult. At least it's over with, and I don't think I failed. Paper number one turned in last night; emailed the ethics paper to the grader (whoo hoo! with hours to spare! go, me!). Now I can take a slight breather and make a cape for littlest's Halloween costume, for which we bought fabric yesterday after a dentist appointment. Then write up a relatively short lab - the longer section will be after we finish the whole exercise of ant DNA extraction and testing, which is continuing over several lab sessions. This time around, I just have to use my new mad skilz at generating Excel graphs and chart photosynthesis rates. Also not lose the printout of spectrum information we generated in lab.

I got a new t-shirt for contributing to EFF. You too can look nifty for a good cause; they gratefully accept donations. Sort the ACLU for the internet - fighting for truth, justice, and whatever. If they did not exist, it would be necessary to invent them.

Hey, I can both take and post pictures finally; are you not entertained? I know I am. I stayed with my sister for Rhinebeck, and... Here's the view from my sister's kitchen door:

Afternoon, after rain all over with. That's a mountaintop peeking through the clouds. Yeah.

Morning, with glowing sunlight. Sigh.

It was breathtaking, even before coffee. Thanks, sis.

I am in the process of attempting to scavenge new RAM for middle child's old 1999 iBook, which used to be mine, and I have this fondness for the old Mac OS, and I generally resist change you may have noticed, but really, we have enough spare parts in the house to build at least one complete machine if not three or four, so the kid really should have better functionality, doncha think? At the moment, it has a brand-new battery purchased especially, and a spare 256 that I found lying around waiting to go in, as soon as I can work out precisely how to dislodge the current piece without breaking everything. Voila le disembowled machine:

Aren't you glad your laptop isn't in my clutches?

Lucia, I'm singing Saturday night here.(LINK NOW FIXED! - thanks, Jena) Who knows, there may be Youtube video later; stranger things have happened. Erica, yes it takes a lot to keep me off the streets and out of trouble these days, hee. Jess, thanks for the kind words - I think I look goofy in pictures mostly; I'll email the human-ness paper (now that it's revised) for your perusal.

Blogger doesn't think I should have more pictures than this in a post, apparently, so the few Rhinebeck purchases will wait for another day. And off I go for the rest of the nuttiness that is life in the fur-flying fast lane here chez Weasel. TTFN, all.


Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

Oh, an embedded YouTube video of you singing is an absolute must! :)
(The link for the venue isn't working, by the way...)

11:05 AM  

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