Monday, November 05, 2007

La Vida Loca

I know, I know - when is it NOT crazy time around here?

The "cocoa house" (like a coffee house, except without coffee) Saturday was fun. I think there's some video somewhere - there was a camera running, and it may find its way onto the intertubes. I haven't been back performing long enough to be really comfortable singing in public, but some old instincts kick in. I hear I didn't suck; teenaged kid was not mortified. Hmm... maybe that's a bad sign--"child embarrassment" is in the job description, is it not? Oops.

So, hi! And happy Monday, and all that stuff. Back to searching for the misplaced textbook and working on a short writing assignment. Why do I escape writing with more writing? It is a puzzlement.


Blogger Lucia said...

Maybe it means you can actually sing, unlike some of us whose family reminds us of our singing-impaired status should we so much as hum along quietly with the radio. (Of course, said family members may simply be recognizing a warning sign.)

Happy Monday to you too!

1:29 PM  

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