Friday, November 30, 2007

Ho, ho, ho

Quick one - everyone including me is basically getting snowed under with holidays and work and god knows what else.

Chez Weasel now includes a....wait for it....this took waitlisting with an online retailer and a couple of weeks...but we got a Wii. It's a nifty little thing, and a lot easier to set up than I expected. So kids are playing pretend tennis with each other.

Both daughters have now made the 50K wordcount on NaNoWriMo! I'm so proud. They haven't gotten a heck of a lot else done this month, but, whoa! Good going!

I've passed another couple of CLEP exams, for my maximum of three that Harvard Extension will accept for credit. Go, me! Apparently I know enough about American government and social studies and history and whatnot. Yay.

I wandered over to an online dating thing via some link to interesting quizzes, and that's been sort of fun and sort of - well, okay, a LOT weird. Go figure - online dating site has a huge preponderance of geeks! what a surprise! I score in the mid to high nerdiness range on the quiz I took. Also apparently (other quiz results) I am a ninja, and (yet again) an INTJ. I'm always an INTJ. Sigh. Anyhow, it was fun emailing back and forth with a cute guy who seems to have a brain and some wit.

I'm inching closer to being able to deal with my Unix shell problem. Complicating matters is that my new hard drive is replicating a major error the old wrecked hard drive had, and I'm thinking I may need to wipe it completely and slowly, carefully re-install everything. Yuck.

Classes continue to be intense. I have two papers due next week, and then the following week I have another bio midterm, thankfully this time over genetics, which I seem to be taking to (yay!). What I want to be reading is the beautiful, classic Hodgkin & Huxley papers that established the math for neuron voltage; what I am instead stuck reading is bloody St. Augustine and his stupid Confessions. Phooey. I'd probably be really thrilled with him some other time, but right now, he's just annoying.

And that segues to a really funny, but potentially offensive, picture that Lynne was kind enough to forward: (snicker, guffaw)

Cheerio, all!


Blogger Lucia said...

She was talking about that at knitting. Now that I've actually seen it I think I'll be guffawing for a while.

Also, hi! You, nerdy? Who would have guessed? I think last I looked I was an ENFP, but I think I'm also pretty close to even on some of them.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stole the YMCA pic for my blog ... hee!

__ jessieknits

2:22 AM  

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