Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some good, some bad

Well, this sucks. My youngest's best buddies in kindergarten were her sons. Lovely, lovely woman; lovely, lovely children. I last saw her at my husband's wake.

This came to mind. Should've made it for her.

GOOD news: Oldest child's AP exam results are now in. The scale is one to five. She got fives on all three of the tests she took. This is a seriously good thing. I am tremendously proud of my brilliant, brilliant girl. Rock on, kiddo. We shall probably have a celebratory outing to - where else? - a bookstore, kiddo's favoritest place ever. Some things are not so surprising.

The finches left one egg in the nest, and now there are two--this despite a gang of little boys running around the front yard yesterday afternoon having (foam!) sword fights. Didn't faze those finches, nope. They seem to spend the night on the nest, and then leave for most of the day. Interesting. They do seem to be getting on with things. Guess we all do.

'Til later, then.


Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

May she rest in peace.
Her niece was a piano student of mine a couple years ago.

Congratulations to Oldest Child... EXCELLENT scores! She's so smart like her Mom. :)
(Geek confession: I loved AP exams.)

6:49 AM  
Anonymous oldround said...

Very sad (as you are no doubt aware).

10:31 AM  

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