Tuesday, May 29, 2007

John Denver is Haunting Me

So oldest kid bought a dvd with some of her birthday money and we watched it last night, and as it opens, I hear... a choir singing a John Denver song. "Country Roads." Then Olivia Newton Bloody John chimes in. And the damn song is a recurring thing all the way through the movie--they keep singing it! the main character keeps writing alternate lyrics! the closing credits give us a rendition in Japanese! WTF?? Is this one of those practical jokes the universe plays once in a while? My kids had never heard of John Denver. The movie is Japanese, for crying out loud. Apparently John Denver is very big in Japan. Go figure. I recall that one of dh's Japanese colleagues was called John, because his friends thought he looked like a Japanese version of John Denver (having seen pictures, I'd say it's a stretch, but what do I know).

Thank you, Lucia; now that one is stuck in my head, too. Along with "Country Roads." And of course the Calypso song. And "Grandma's Feather Bed." And that song they play at weddings. Gack.

I have very sore legs this morning. Pilates class yesterday was a new (to me) and Fun Thing, where we do most of the normal exercises but this time, on machines that look like a cross between hospital traction and some sort of medieval torture device. The teacher scampered gleefully around, changing the weights for us. She's actually great; the class is good; it's a Good Thing, but my hamstrings hurt.

One of the uber-lessons of the class is that the point is getting strong and healthy, not skinny. The instructor is not what would fit an advertiser's version of "do this weird routine and you, too will look like this!" She is, however, astonishingly strong and flexible and clearly at home in her own skin.

I've gotten some gardening done, at last. Three quarters of the garden patch is de-crapified and the tomato plants are in the ground (still alive! one day and counting! whoo hoo!). I'll have to finish up and transplant the random strawberry plants, along with a very long list of other things, but Ta freakin' Da, at least a little bit.

No knitting going on. Some musing about a commission that's due in a couple of weeks, but that's about it. I don't think I'm up for a road trip to WEBS to see the inimitable Yarn Harlot. Kind of in a holding pattern, emotionally. Memorial Day is a busy ol' day at the cemetary (still can't spell it, see?), and I do want to plant more flowers there but don't know which kind and then I dissolve again. I still stay up far too late and wake up far too early. I think my mind doesn't want to let my subconscious have enough leeway to do too much processing at once. For the time being, that's okay. There's a whole physical, animal self that keeps crying out, too, and that's another kettle of fish; exhaustion beats that down rather effectively. So the hamstrings ache, and it is good. Much better than some of the alternatives.

See you around, all.


Blogger Lucia said...

I understand all too well about shying away from stuff, as I do an awful lot of that myself. (See today's post.) You amaze me all the time, not that that's much consolation, I know. Maybe I should try that hamstring thing.

12:27 PM  
Blogger farm-witch said...

I spent the weekend gardening as well, and discovered that your butt cheeks will burn for DAYS if you spend a whole Sunday digging holes. I mean, digging small holes for roses, trees, etc. doesn't seem so taxing when you're doing it. but, if you get stupid and just keep going, then on Monday, your but hurts so bad you can't even think of the car ride from Maine to Mass - even for the Harlot....

Hang in there...because we love you. I know it is poor consolation - but it is also true.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Rosanna said...

Oh my... was this the movie? I saw that while in college and had the song stuck in my head for days. If I remember correctly, the movie wasn't bad though. It did make me miss the good old days when you actually could see who had checked out a book before you by looking at the check-out card.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

While organizing the massive stash of old chorus music in my classrooms, I've found about a thousand bazillion copies of Grandma's Feather Bed. I can't fathom why.

Channel the sad energy into exercise and gardening and then you'll at least be converting it into positives, right? We'll miss you today. See you next Wednesday?

9:41 AM  
Blogger leisuregirlkirk said...

Another song that sticks in the head at times such as this is; things can only get better! Get out now!

12:05 PM  

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