Friday, April 27, 2007

Ack. Oof. And a job done.

No, not littlest offspring's gloves (yes, yarn harpy, still not those!), but the Austermann socks, mit aloe und jojoba oil. I'm wearing them now and they feel wonnnnderful. Or wunderbar. Possibly both. Yay!

Weaseldom had a bit of detouring going on. We realized that middle child's Extremely Spiffy Event for which she was going away this weekend required not just the fancy dress we already had located, but also a nice outfit not involving jeans or sweatpants for the preceding evening. And we realized that Wed. night was our only chance to go find one. Sigh. So we tended to the shopping emergency, and all was well. Missed Javaroom. Sniff, sob. THEN--ah; then, child's transportation had a sudden health mini-crisis, this morning. So the crazed weasel, in truly crazed fashion, decided, "well, hey, I can drive." And, "why don't I also drive the other person who needs to get there, too?" And, "yay! she can make sure I don't get lost!" (I refer the gentle reader to a previous encounter with the tricksy ways of the Tappan Zee and 684, and the sneakiness of the turn, which if missed sends one hurtling toward New Haven).

I'm back, from a slightly longer day than I anticipated, having successfully deposited all and sundry, without getting lost and while wearing some very nice new socks. I have accumulated good karma enough to at least begin to counteract travel gremlins for our upcoming summer vacation. And I am now sitting calmly, with my besocked feet up and a glass of amaretto.

So, oof. Ack. And a job done. Cheers.




Blogger Mel said...

My word but those Danes are an odd lot.

1:32 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

ROFLMAO! And here I thought leapin' lamas were silly.

You are a Good Mom. Not that we didn't already know this.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

No gloves? Well, then...
No wine for you!

I won't be there this week anyway (CDMMEA Junior Districts rehearsal, must attend and be sure that my 8th grade boys do not totally terrify my 7th grade girls, or any other girls for that matter), so you have another week's leeway. ;) :-P

(Of course, we could make this a race - C's gloves v. Dave's socks. You'll win. Ready? Set? Go!)

1:25 AM  

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