Friday, June 09, 2006

June is Blue

I am at last relatively on top of things for Project Spectrum. First, there is the knitting:

And then, there's this:

Whee! We've given up on our dastardly old Chrysler with the perpetual transmission issues and now we have THIS! It is a Toyota Sienna with all wheel drive. As minivans go, it's cooooool. We gots the 6-cd changer. We gots the volume controls and track selection on the steering wheel. We gots the windows in the big sliding doors that actually open. We gots the folding-down-flat-into-the-floor back seat, so we can play Stars Wars smuggling spaceship. Oh, it's just the bees' knees.

Yes, I sense a road trip.

My coffee plant is making coffee beans! I posted pics before of the blossoms--I had no idea what coffee blossoms looked like before, and they're lovely. Not much caffeine content, though. Little white starry flowers. So when they went all ploopy and fell off, I figured it was just like what happens with me and plants all the time: some bizarre fungal thing that causes something called Blossom Drop. What do I know from coffee growing? Sheesh, I just know me encanta lo de Costa Rica, muy grande, y'all. But lookit:

See those little beady green things? They're weensy coffee beans! I didn't have blossom drop! I'm so proud. My own tiny coffee source. (The weasel needs the coffee beyond words. Crazed under the best of circumstances, I'm just not someone you want to be on the same continent with Before Coffee. Ask Ruth and Lucia. It's pretty frightening.)

And it is Day One of the World Cup. England's first match (against Paraguay) is 9 am tomorrow, on ABC, no less - they must not have been able to find any golf for that time - so we have laid in a supply of Twiglets and Hula Hoops and are ready to cheer on Sven's Boys (who thank god qualified) in this, the Beautiful Game. Neener, neener, Ireland and Scotland. It's a long, excruciating, exciting march until England gets knocked out in the quarterfinals on penalty kicks with two men sent off. Ah, it begins.

The only equivalent over here is being a Red Sox fan; you just know they're going to get crucified for something stupid (e.g. Buckner), but you can't help hoping they might just pull it off. Now that the Sox've won a World Series and hell has frozen over and all, England just may have a chance.


Anonymous Erica said...

If it gives you any hope, the Chicago Tribune is picking England as the winner. Not that I would trust a newspaer from CHICAGO to know anything about championship sports teams, that fluke with the White Sox aside.

And congrats on the Sienna -- I've been coveting it from afar, so you'll have to take a trip and document it for us all.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Kat said...

For all the hype about England, I was not impressed with their play yesterday (granted I only saw the first half). They've got soo much talent, I hope they can get it together. I'd love to see someone other than Brazil win.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Ooooh. After you got snookered, er, graciously volunteered to drive to Rhinebeck last year I was going to offer this year, but now I might just have to think of another excuse... good luck with the soccer. I must admit to not really following it, but if England is anything like the Sox, I feel your pain. (As my dad pointed out over the weekend, being a Sox fan is especially painful because they always make you think they can do it, and then... not.)

12:05 PM  

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