Friday, May 19, 2006

Dog better; cat now freaking out
Thanks for the words of encouragement, you guys. Daisy is now not hiding every time I walk into the room, so I guess her ears are feeling better.

We have another pet, who masquerades as a cat but is really a psychotic ball of sinew and fluff. This pet was apparently surprised by the vacuum cleaner the other day. I am going by forensic evidence, here; the closet door where the stash lives had been closed, and I went over to turn on the light and PHEW, what a smell. What the heck is that? And I look down, and there's been some sort of ruckus in the bags of acrylic yarn left over from some commissions I did this past winter. That is one big stink. It's coming from...the yarn bags. So I pushed things aside (with a lot of hesitation), and found what can only be identified as dried up goopy cat poop. On the plastic, which had apparently been clawed rather a lot, and rubbed into the carpet, too.

No, I am not posting pictures of this.

I picked up the bags (after figuring out which ones were thusly decorated) and brought everything down to the garbage. OF COURSE I tried to salvage the yarn. I took the skeins out of the plastic and threw out just the plastic. The dog thought this whole procedure was just the bee's knees. Excitement! Stinky things! Whoopee! The pile on the counter still smelled terrible. I pick up a skein and give it a sniff. ACK! GARGH! Oh, god, it smelled terrible. Well, in the ruckus of scratching I guess the plastic got torn more than I thought. Stinky, stinky yarn. ONLY THEN do I throw out the dozen or so skeins of yarn. Yarn I didn't particularly like. Yarn that I hadn't even had to purchase. Yarn that had been the scene of a psycho cat poop disaster.

Let us now think of something else.

Oldest child thinks that if dogs could talk, all they would say would be various intonations and combinations of "hey!" and "guys!"

Something else. Oh, yes! I got out to knit at Javaroom. Yay, dh! Hello, everyone (weasel waves). Nice to see Lynne after what, a month? and geekpixie (The Tattoo Queen) (and whoa, I totally did not realize that picture was you) and Jena and Julie (whose level of organization I aspire to; cooking and knitting? both? doing it well? HEY! there's hope for the weasel yet, maybe).

Perhaps inspired by Julie and perhaps by the fact that the homeschooling coop is done for the not-school year, I've been making nice things to eat all day long. Gonna do some chicken pot pie for dinner, oh yes I am. (shh--yes I know it's dinner time right now. It's gonna work just fine.)

The malabrigo (thud.) (revive) sleeves are grinding along. I do mean grinding. I am so not a process knitter. I am all about the product. I WANT nice wide cuffs. This means that I must knit k2p2 rib for an eternity, and then some. Ack. Gargh. Not quite as charmless as cat poop, but the two are closer than you might think. If it weren't malabrigo I'd be done two inches ago. And apparently I've misplaced the reader plugin doohickey that would allow me to show you. Bah. Pathetic and pictureless for the moment, but about to make a really tasty dinner.


Blogger Julie said...

Just bear in mind re: the cooking and knitting etc. thing that my boys are a fair bit older than your kiddos and probably consequently a fair bit less time consuming. Although it might also be that sometime after the year 2000 I started planning meals Friday night before I go shopping on Saturday. I write out the list for the week and then after shopping I plaster that on the fridge to refer to all week to jog my mind as to what the *heck* I was planning to do with that fennel and chicken. It's nice to see you arriving at knitting fairly regularly, the more the merrier! Glad to hear Daisy is feeling better- better her than the cat frankly because cats have durn long memories. Our 3 year-old feral still hisses and bolts every time she sees the carrier come out.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Erica said...

Ooooh. Cat poop is one of the world's most odious smells. My condolences.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Jena the yarn harpy said...

I have to agree with Oldest Child. Well, except my poodles. They are all attitude and demands in very girly voices. :) But when I imagine, say, a golden retriever or a chocolate lab talking? It's all "hey, you wanna play with me? huh? huh? come on, huh?"

1:33 PM  
Anonymous The Tattoo Queen said...

Man, yeah, cat waste of all kinds is just...stinky. :)

Hope to see you tomorrow!

6:57 PM  

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