Friday, January 16, 2009

And... exhale

(waves) Hello again.

Yes, Lucia, I'm still here. Or here again. Or something.

So as of tonight, my finals for the first semester are ALL DONE. Whoo hoo! It was beyond frantic trying to get everything done, but it is, now, not as brilliantly as I'd like, but completed (however half-assedly) and handed in and Finito. I made a powerpoint slide show and did a presentation and wrote a paper and took an exam, all today. (thud)

Ah. Yes, beer would be good. Or a nice cup of tea.

The Tempest was amazing! I'm so proud of the kids. They really did well. Quietly pleased for having handed down a bit of silly tradition: The Ann-Margret. This is a warm-up exercise, which involves a bum-waggling loose impersonation of Ann Margret singing "Viva Las Vegas." There is jumping up and down. It is most pleasing.

The final exam tonight was almost frighteningly not hard - I began to wonder if I'd missed something really basic. But probably not. I probably just did reasonably well. Seriously, though, APP gets turned into beta amyloid, and all you have to know is what the APP stands for - one of the questions was, what protein produces beta amyloid? And, well, APP stands for amyloid precursor protein. Um. Duh?

So hey! It's 2009! Ta da! Good night, all :)


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