Saturday, December 20, 2008

Powerless – The Denouement: Dispatch from a disaster area

So. Power is now back; we got it Thursday afternoon, just in time for the new storm. I still have the cable company's wiring across my driveway, which the plow guy is finding to be, um, challenging. But electricity is nice to have.

Wed. night I began to seriously freak out and called the power company a couple more times, at which point they began to tell me things that were emphatically not true, which made me scream at them and cry a lot. It was pretty dire. See, if the ongoing bullshit went on longer, I would need to evacuate my house. And get the cats and dog to friends' houses and me and the kids to other digs, too, and drain pipes and such, and all that takes coordination and time. Which another day of bullshit wasn't going to give me enough of. So I was faced with, okay maybe we have to get the hell out, how long will that take, what time is the storm going to hit, etc. etc., and trying to make those decisions based on other people's bullshit is pushing it, it really is. As it was the power came back barely in time. Thursday is when I'd have needed to get all the logistics mobilized, and of course I was directing a play and at coop and had two classes Thursday night. NOT fun.

This has been a fucking nightmare. Thankful for friends, plow guy, landscaper guys, my electrician (massively thankful), having a generator, for my kids being good sports and pitching in.

Doing lots of laundry, now. And we're off to Christmas Revels. Still need to decorate the tree, wrap gifts, do cards, that sort of stuff. I have some schoolwork to do over the next couple of weeks, too - actually around 35 pages of research papers to write, plus studying - this is the famous How to Ruin Christmas that Harvard does so well - but on balance, all is well chez Weasel. Hope you are, too, all.

Onward. Grumpily, but onward.


Blogger Mel said...

And even still there are people in NH without power. The fact that Central Maine Power managed to get everyone back online first is just plain sad.

1:08 AM  

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