Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some excitement to go with those Lewis structures

Huzzah, the semester of gen chem at UML is now DONE. I had my final exam last night, and I think I did pretty well. All the fiddly bits that I was sort of fuzzy about are now not so fuzzy in my head. I think I learned some stuff! Whee! Lab finished last week, so I'm not At Lab right now (which I would be otherwise).

Yesterday afternoon was a smidge more interesting than planned. Middle child and I were on our way back from rehearsal and grocery store, and got a cell phone call from our house. Apparently a policeman had come to the door with the news that we needed to Get Out of The House because there were pieces of a suspected bomb in the parking lot at the police station. They were clearing the area near the station to dispose of the suspect material. So youngest was very upset and scared, oldest was a bit flummoxed, and middle and I got home, put dog in crate, unloaded some groceries, and then I gathered up my stuff for chem and we all headed to the library. The two ladies who live on our side of the street were also at the library; they'd been told to clear out, too.

Everything was fine, going home was okay shortly, I left for my exam, the kids had some dinner, etc. etc. But it sure made studying the heat of reaction with a bomb calorimeter calculations more, um, interesting.

Have a good day, all!


Blogger Lucia said...

YIKES. That would be enough to flummox me for sure.

Did the suspected bomb have a little LED guy on it?

2:13 PM  

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