Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Assorted oddnesses

You can't make this stuff up. Long live the Christmas Goat. And here I thought the Christmas Frog was a stretch - got nothing on those zany Swedes, apparently.

Santa brought a DVD for chez Weasel of The Sound of Music - I still find it funny that the kids saw Moulin Rouge before the source material for the beginning - and now that I have an altered focus, I noted a peculiar thing. Captain von Trapp's wife has been dead 7 years? and Gretl is 5 years old? What is up with that?? Also: Christopher Plummer is still fun to watch. I saw him on Broadway in Othello in the early 80's, and perusing the program online yields two odd bits of information: 1) Kelsey Grammer was in this, before Frasier--so I guess his disastrous Macbeth a few years ago was not his first try at Shakespeare on the Great White Way (okay, he was not universally panned, but the tv experience kinda was the kiss of death, that and the famous curse); and 2) another actor in this production was Harry S. Murphy, who I later worked with at ART. Six degrees of separation reduced to two, plunkity plunk plonk. It is a small world, but sometimes it gets ridiculous.

Lost item of the day is the USB plug-in thingie that enables me to put digital pictures onto my laptop (this is what I get for tidying up a bit, apparently) (hey, I tidied up a bit! go, me!). I suppose I should be grateful the lost item isn't my wallet. What I was going to take a picture of was the music and ticket stub for the Christmas Revels' "Sussex Mummers' Carol," which I love. The link has a link to download the entire program pdf file, which contains the thing I was going to show you. *sigh* Which was the page from the program with the music and lyrics for the carol. Because I wanted to share the song with you all. But I can't. Such is life. I'll sit here humming it very loudly, shall I? ("Go-od bless the mas-te-er of this house...") There! Helpful, no?

Yeah, I know. No.

This might be really why we're in Iraq. Or at least it makes as much sense as any other explanation I've heard.

Carole reminded me of how many really cool folks I met at the Team Boston party last year at the close of the Knitting Olympics. I wonder, are people interested in a reprise?

Which reminds me - delayed happy birthday to Cara! who co-hostessed the party and it was divine, dahlings, and kiss kiss and all that. (Go say hi if you haven't already.)

New Year's (word similar to "resolution" but different as I have made more of a list of things to do rather than a set of things to resolve and I never do New Year's Resolutions anyway 'cause I don't do that crap, bub) (but maybe it's not such a bad idea) (plus the rest of the blogosphere seems to be doing it):
1) Finish one goddamn piece of fiction writing.
2) Learn to like our dog.
3) Organize my time by scheduling things, thus transforming them to Things We Do from Things We Consider and Never Get Around To.
3) Number things better in the new year.
5) (hey, it's working already!) Drink more water.
6) Write things down.
7) Plan things, so I can have something to write down.
8) Don't lose the surface on which I write things.
9) Sew more.
10) Take a for-credit course.


Blogger Carole said...

Love the Cheney story. Heh.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Lynne aka witchypoo said...

The Onion article was hilarious! Hon, you need a Palm Pilot! It's my auxillary brain, it keeps all my lists, addresses, calendar, you name it. And as far as number 2 goes... if you haven't come to terms with the dog yet, you probably aren't going to, tolerance is ok too.

9:12 AM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Yikes, could it really be true?

Your list looks good, except for #2, on which I would have given up a long time ago. Btw, if you are interested I will tell you how to make lists in html so that it will number things for you, which would be easier but less funny.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Suzanne said...

Hey, I could dig a reprise of the party. I might even be inspired to finish the sweater. The mob was *just* the right size - an intimate gathering of 25 fanatics.

7:59 PM  

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