Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GREAT to see everybody at knitting - hi, Tattoo queen, hi, Lucia, hi, Best Music Teacher Ever. Hi, Lynne and her toenails of fire. Or at least sparkly-ness-itude. Hope the youngster doesn't get into trouble with that pink yarn.

And the marvelous Ann hosted yesterday for the last time before summer, so thank you, fine lady, especially for the scones and tea, yum! Hi, Ruth - hope to see you lot next week for movies or something. Honest, the homeschooling does ramp down eventually.

Just today we were having a Teachable Moment, though. Older kids dashed away to giggle themselves silly while I got on with it, but youngest child asked, Where do babies come from? How do they start growing in the mommy's tummy? I mean, is it magic or what? So we were a bit delayed in our scheduled departure for the playground. Oh, yeah.

I dunno if you've already seen this, but you should if you haven't already: weirdly disturbing and funny short film about China kicking our ass.

That's about it for today. Germany 1, Poland 0. Brazil - well, Brazil. Yes, of course they won. What do you think, Germany vs. Brazil for the final, or something else? Should be interesting. US plays Italy next. Looks like they'll be home for the Fourth of July (groan, gnash teeth). Mexico's playing on Friday! They actually may get to the next round!

G'night, and good luck.


Blogger Lucia said...

Have you watched the Red Sox lately? Great weeping and gnashing of teeth. I'm filing for divorce. (From the Sox, I mean.)

(It was great to see you too! But those Schlox. Sheesh.)

9:37 AM  
Anonymous witchypoo said...

Thank you for the yarn. Maybe it will keep DD out of mine for awhile.

And don't worry about the Red Sox, Lucia, they always suck this time of the year.

12:11 PM  

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