Sunday, May 21, 2006

I think I've got it

Besides the last post being, well...gross. I think I figured out how to do titles for posts, finally. RTF(template code). Slowly but surely--it's like learning a new language by immersion, where I really need to know how to say "bagel" or something and this motivates me to figure it out; learning html is like that. Thank you for bearing with me if this comes out looking really, really strange.

I did indeed make chicken pot pie for dinner the other night and it came out just dandy. I'm on a roll. I made some tofu rice stir fry this afternoon, for lunch and to bring to the coop pot-luck celebration. Yum! This is perhaps not what some of you say when you hear the word "tofu." But it's good. Really. I was even thoughtful enough to not put in the peanuts that I usually include.

And I have at long last gotten a good whack done on the work that's due June 1. Amazingly enough, if I go into my workroom and sit down and get going, nobody bothers me and I get stuff done. Who knew. I also wound the Socks That Rock yarn I've been toting around into TWO balls with my handy-dandy ball winder and started a pair of socks on two circs (both at the same time). Well, I didn't have any socks on needles. So obviously I needed some, right? Of course right.

I wonder how many more times I can use the word "dandy."

The combination of this great yarn and some great addis make these indescribably wonderful to knit. It's like chocolate absorbed through your fingertips. Salivating in reaction to knitting is a new experience for me. Not unpleasant, either, just unexpected.

A total non-sequitur:
I was in line at the pharmacy behind an elderly (but quite sprightly) woman not long ago. You know how you hear about seniors not being able to afford their medications? You ever wonder why it is that they can't afford them? I've half-listened to the news coverage for some time now, and always figured somehow we were talking about thirty bucks or something. You know, like getting your child's amoxocillin, only a little more expensive. Like that.

Boy was I wrong. The cashier rang up this lady's stuff, and says, "Your total is $400.00." The woman is moderately freaked; apparently it's a new insurance plan and this four hundred dollars is her price WITH INSURANCE. This is for one month's medication. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, but the discussion was, being with at least one freaked out person, not sotto voce. Apparently without insurance the drugs cost almost a thousand. The lady was, I gather, sort of hoping it wasn't going to be quite so many hundreds of dollars.

No wonder the AARP is strongarming anybody they can politically to do something about this. I would, too. The damn things cost more than a house. I had no idea. It's disgraceful.

I better go back to my knitting now. Pictures soon. Until later, all.


Anonymous Erica said...

I do love the image of knitting chocolate.

I do NOT love the price of prescription meds in this country. It's one thing to make Viagra expensive, but a completely different thing when it is medicine people need to live. And I will never buy the argument that the price of R&D justifies it, either. /soapbox.

11:31 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

$1000, indeed. Or even $400. That is just flat-out freakin absurd. Is there a cap on so-called copayments? (As you so rightly point out, $400 is not a copayment, it's a car payment.)

10:58 AM  
Anonymous witchypoo said...

It's despicable how we treat our elderly. And a pox on AARP - they were the ones that strongarmed the elderly into accepting this situation. Which is why I refuse to join (that is assuming that I get their mailings all the time now that I am over 50).

11:49 AM  

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