Sunday, January 22, 2006

I have been defeated by the skeins of yarn in the kit for my Olympic Challenge, and have at last ordered a ball winder and swift from Patternworks - this place is always my source of last resort for supplies. Except for European yarn; that, I order from Europe. Mostly. Anyway, winding the first of many large sized skeins took almost half an hour yesterday. The smaller ones, which are used for the contrast colors at the bottom hems of this project, didn't take *too* long, but the "normal" sized one...that was rather daunting. Of course I kept thinking, I could be using this time to knit. And given the amount of time that winding all those skeins was going to take, coupled with some choicer deadlines over the last couple of months where minutes really did matter, it looks like a good investment. Item One on this year's investments into my work.

Off to a knitting meetup at Border's in Nashua - whoo hoo!


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Best of luck to you!

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