Sunday, January 29, 2006

I'm beginning to get nervous.
Not that I'm getting cold feet or anything, but I'm having a little bit of, how shall we say, trepidation, regarding the Chosen Olympic Challenge. In short, I'm in need of some swatching.

I have made good use of the ball winder and swift, of course, and have wound up lots and lots of yarn. Some of it--most of it, even--is for the sweater in question, but some is for future projects. I have some beeeeauuuutiful stuff that I bought at NH Sheep & Wool a couple of years ago, that would make a fabulous Clapotis, but the yardage was so daunting (approx. 490 yds/hank!) that I quailed in the face of winding it. And it languished, petted, but unknit. Well, we'll see about that now. Behold! It's on the far right. Along with some of the yarn for the Chosen Olympic Challenge.

A brief public service announcement:
Have you ever wondered how, oh how, you can get a moderately zig-zaggy cable needle in a size that matches more exactly your cable needs? Hm? Wonder no more! As a public service, Crazed Weasel Labs shares with the Knitting Public (at no cost to you!) the previously secret results of our research:
Um... this is what happens, if you were wondering, when you're knitting away on some wristies for your dear daughter just before Christmas while dh (bless him) drives, and you drop one of the dpns and open the car door. And close it again.




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