Sunday, April 24, 2011

Didn't this used to be a blog?

Yeah, I know...

Hello again! Wee hours in the middle of Anime Boston, here, and life continues to hurtle along just barely within my grasp. Academics: nearly under control. Ditto emotional life, ditto balance, etc. etc. et friggin' cetera. I'm a little annoyed with myself for missing the Dr. Who thing that was broadcast tonight, but this is, in fact, not a very big problem to have, is it?

The personal life has shifted: no longer with one of the men, which is best for us both, and very much with the other one, which is also a very, very good thing. It keeps expanding and extending and other "ex-" words that mean life becoming more than it was before. I don't mean to be cryptic, but I also try to protect the privacy of the people I love, so alas, not much detail to be had, here. It is a non-monogamous relationship, as mine are/have been for a little while, now. It's also sane, nourishing, joyous, occasionally frustrating, and intense; to some extent we are in uncharted territory with each other.

Haven't made much progress on the socks I've been working on, but that's okay.

I'm presenting at a conference on gifted education, mostly because the organizer is a good friend. It should be interesting, hopefully for the audience and not just me. Next weekend! Better finish my prep for it, eh?

Oh, yeah - I got an honorable mention on the NSF fellowship. Not tattoo-worthy, not this year, anyway, but we shall see what happens next year when I reapply. In the meantime, whoo hoo!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Crazed Weasel arrives at Spring, barely

Holy crap.

Way too many things have been happening, and continue to happen, and I'm in a constant state of triage with a lot of it, to borrow the encapsulation used by K. D continues to be a force for happiness in my life, my having a lot of Stuff happening (mainly of the not good variety), academic life continues to be extraordinarily challenging and I wonder if I'm having some kind of brain damage when I can't remember things. Like what the symptoms of Huntington's disease even *are*.

And it is less and less often that I take a few minutes to breathe, and think. So hi, thoughts! And hello, anyone reading this! It is already April 2, and time keeps passing, with too little to show for it, it seems some days; other days, it feels like a huge amount of things have happened that somehow mark change and growth and (oh please) greater wisdom.

The winter went crashing along, with epic levels of snow and huge stress and multiple crises and so much insanity that I didn't send holiday greetings to anyone at all, which feels weird. It is now rather late to do that, don't you think? Um, happy winter, everyone. I'm not sure how, exactly, I got to April without a total meltdown...oh, wait, that did kind of happen. Right.

I know I sound not-okay, but I am. I'm bemused, reasonably peaceful, pretty happy overall and in particular. And I have a lot of work to do, surprise surprise (when do I *not* have a lot of work to do?), some of which isn't very tangible. Like finding better balance in my life - yes, still trying. I am beginning to suspect that finding balance means something a bit different from what I think it does, and that it is more a journey than a destination.

Welcome, spring, and the awakening of the earth and the trees and us all. Peace.