Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog? Oh, yeah.

Back again, having deleted the too-much-information post that was making me paranoid, but thank you, Lucia and Suzanne and Mel for your comments.

I have been doing a lot of finishing of stuff: pirate mittens, finally finished gloves, two pairs of socks, and taught myself how to make a granny square. So the long-marinating Noro Iro will go from bag o' yarn to lovely afghan & is on track to do so. Also I restarted a Dale baby sweater. And made a baby hat. (WTF?? is this a knitting blog or something?)

Grad school process is interesting - interview coming up at end of Feb., and I'm overwhelmed (again) by how supportive my professor(s) have been. Maybe this'll actually happen, folks. At any rate, this grand thing overlaps with most of SPA, so that's where I'll be, but I do hope to come up for the day on the Sunday that weekend. Or maybe Sat. evening for some beer or something.

The semester has begun. Back on your heads.