Friday, October 24, 2008

too funny

Quick hi, everybody (how the hell did it get to be Thursday again already? sheesh!) - this is too funny not to share. "Vlad and Boris" respond to Sarah Palin being able to see Russia, and they reply in song that yes, they can see her, too...

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Friday, October 17, 2008

So, not in glorious Rhinebeck, then

(sniff) Miss you, too, Mel, and Kat and Ruth and Lorena and Lucia, at least it helps to know I won't be missing you guys, too (although I do! just won't be particularly missing seeing you at The Fair). Sniff.

Busily not-being-at-Rhinebeck that I am, I've had a modestly eventful week. This weekend, I'm going to be in Cambridge intermittently, but am Planning Ahead For Once Dammit. I get blindsided by this every year. Harvard Square and most of Cambridge, it seems, gets totally overrun. I remembered to check this year! Yay!

So when I head in to pick up my rebate from the Coop (whoo hoo!) and figure out where the Harvard Extension student activities fair is, and spend some time playing with my two top notions for What I Will Present On for my brain & psych seminar, I will avoid going anywhere near the river. On purpose. Yeah.

I had a paper due Tuesday, lab Tuesday morning, stem cells midterm Wed., neurodegenerative midterm Thurs. Managed to NOT forget that it was this week and went to see this quasi-performance art thing set in a very large expensive loud stadium. Fun, Also last weekend managed to drag my ass to ART for the last performance of Anna Deveare Smith's show, which was fascinating and heartening and funny and wise.

The world crashing around our ears makes me feel more gentle toward people. I see lots of nodding, knowing smiles, a sense that we're in this together, and that we're fragile in our own particular ways, and that the fragility is something we move with in others and in ourselves rather than something we fight.

And the Sox won last night and it was SWEEEEET. Oh, yeah.

Oh! My score on this: economic left/right, -4.88; social libertarian/authoritarian, -5.49. Apparently this is in the same ballpark as Gandhi. Or Genghis Khan, I forget which.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Checking in...

Sheepishly, to be sure. Jeez, last published on Sept. 26??? wow.

So still kicking ass, still taking names - at least until the two midterms I have this week. Had a chem exam this week which was absurdly easy; a classmate and I sat in the hallway afterward going, holy crap that was easy, and other people trickled out muttering about how hard it was. We stared, eyes wide. She said, I think we screwed the curve. I have a paper to work on, have finished my assigned reading for the week, done my lab report, and need to study for the aforementioned exams, but I'm feeling on top of things.

The world has been crashing down around our ears, hasn't it? I'm counting my blessings and hoping for the best, mostly. I stopped driving the minivan regularly this winter - I think I've driven it two or three times since January, including the time I took it for inspection. I've only taken it to the gas station once this year. The little Honda uses *half* the gas. Pretty easy decision. I'm pleased that I took some of my money and bought the apartment in the city - it seems to be the safest investment I could have possibly made. And I'm intensely glad that I'm nearly done with my degree. Because if everything goes to hell, I'll be reasonably employable. I've switched to a way less expensive health insurance plan, which thanks to Massachusetts' mandate for coverage, is also a really good one--larger risk pool and all that. My mortgage rate is absurdly low for another two years. Worst case scenario still looks survivable. When we pray, we pray for mercy, not justice, my husband once said, and mercy sounds about rught for the craziness that keeps unfolding.

I'm pleased and a little scared that Obama's doing so well lately. Pleased, because I really want him to win. And a little scared because so many things could go horribly wrong. Sigh. The sign in my front yard has so far not been stolen - most of the Obama signs around town disappear. It's depressing.

Am torn about whether I want to go to Rhinebeck after all. I do want to visit my sister, and visit with all the fiber folk who'll be there, but I'm also feeling like curling up in a ball. And there's an anime event going on that the kids would like. And and and. Blah. Harrumph. Grumble, grumble, grump.