Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Just a small bit, mind you, but...sheesh. My SP10 spoilee, Anna-Karin (hi, Anna-Karin!) and I had an email exchange last night about neuro and how cool and hey she was just doing a project on myasthenia gravis and immune system pieces sticking to neurotransmitter receptors, and I was like oh wow that would screw things up, and then I did some more reading for class 'cause we're doing motor systems (all of them! this week! for Wednesday!), and, well...

Class was fun last night. Honestly, though, there are huge amounts of stuff to learn about every single lecture topic--last night was the cellular mechanisms for learning and memory. I mean, jeez, you could spend YEARS on just that. We get our exams back Wed. Gulp. I had a horrible dream that I scored about 40% on it. Small happy bit: professor actually pleased with me for once, for asking intelligent question. Yay.

Chez Weasel's finch nursery is going along fine. See?

They're still quite fluffy, but are growing real feathers, which you can just about see in the picture. Teeny tiny feathers! Whee! Mother bird continues to have help from at least one other female, and the modus operandi is still apparently sit on nest at night, leave during the day to find food (or whatever), and get mad at human who keeps nosing around. There's usually some bird on the nest for part of the day, but I always thought birds stayed on their nests constantly, and apparently this is not the case. They just sit there some of the time. And I guess rely on ambient temperatures to keep the babies warm enough. Tweet! Tweet!

'Til next time, all.


Anonymous Suzanne said...

Tweet! The finch photo is fantastic. We had morning doves nesting in our bougainvillea in Pasadena. The baby birds made it but the plant did not. I cannot believe how much stuff you are tearing through in neuro. Next Monday: consciousness explained.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Lucia said...

Baby birdies. So cute!

Funny, I was just reading about memory from a much more lay perspective, how our memories change over time and how we change them ourselves to make us look better. Also, there's no scientific evidence for repressed memory.

8:36 AM  

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