Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Well, just when I happened to need it, my spiffy Secret Pal's package arrived - in yesterday's mail, which I'd forgotten to go get until about midnight. Gaze!

I'm especially looking forward to listening to the CD. Thanks, SP!

And my package from elann finally arrived. There was some sort of customs issue. My mailman was abashed and confused and needed me to write a check for customs duty on the yarn. Ah, well (he's actually kind of cute, and very nice). I'm now the proud mom of a small herd of Debbie Bliss angora. Also some Skye Tweed. I have in mind to make myself the jacket I designed - in the color originally envisioned, yet.

Purring weasel. No, you can't have too much yarn.

Thanks, Mel and farm witch and Jena and Lynne and Erica and Lucia; I'm having a better day.

Dang it, though - I meant to go to town hall and check on the election results. There was a town election today, and the polls have been closed for an hour and a half. Drat. The brain part missing yesterday? I thought yesterday was election day. Went to vote and got all pissy that there were no poll workers anywhere in sight, and I had the date wrong, too - boy, that blindsided me. Never expected to not be able to know what day it is and get in a twist over it, too, of course convinced that Other People Must Be Wrong. I figure this is yet another one of those life lessons in humility. Gack.


Blogger Lucia said...

You're entirely welcome, always.

I hate those humility lessons. Whenever I think I'm quite humble enough, thank you, one of them whacks me over the head.

Who told you you could have too much yarn? Do not listen to such a silly person. What a lovely secret pal you have.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too much yarn? What's up with THAT mess?! Hah. Too much yarn. What-EV-ah.

Glad you liked my little bonus package, there. And I really, really hope you like the music.

Now I must fly, and get cracking on something special that I ... ahem ... might be working on, for a certain special someone. Ahem.

SP9 "Selkie"

8:00 PM  

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